jetdv wrote on 7/30/2002, 1:08 PM
Sure. Go to Options, Preferences. Go to the Editing tab, and change the "New Still Image Length" to .04 seconds instead of 5 seconds.
HeeHee wrote on 7/30/2002, 1:16 PM
Before you add your stills, go to Options/Preferences/Editing tab and select the amount of time there. I don't think you can adjust by frames automatically. It might depend on what chronological format you have your timeline setup for. FYI - Setting your still length to just a frame may be too quick for anyone to see. This may be good for subliminal messages.
2me2u wrote on 7/30/2002, 4:28 PM
You can do what you describe rather easily. First of make sure all your pictures are in numerical order.1-500. Open vegas, new project, then open, a pop up window will open for your project settings select ok. Then another pop-up will follow asking you to select what you want to open. Navigate to your #1 picture select it, then the bottom left of the same window make sure to check "Open Still image sequence" Then in the range box do 1-500. After that all the pictures will be added to the timeline at once,one per frame as you requested.
seeker wrote on 7/31/2002, 12:53 AM

> "You can do what you describe rather easily...." <

Good explanation. Is there a corresponding way to export a clip from Vegas as a numbered sequence of images?

-- seeker --
Cheesehole wrote on 7/31/2002, 7:17 AM
no. you would have to render to an avi and then use premiere or afterfx or 3d studio or maybe something much cheaper and easier if you poke around :)

why they left out such a simple feature is beyond me. !?
Former user wrote on 7/31/2002, 9:37 AM
Irfanview and VirtualDub will create frames from a sequence. They are free.

Dave T2
oddboy wrote on 8/26/2002, 2:00 AM
I know how to export layers or frames from Fireworks as an image sequence. Can anyone give a tip on how to do it from Photoshop?