Grazie wrote on 8/15/2007, 11:36 PM's Fabulous Website - SMLuminance Download[/link]

Once downloaded and installed, it appears amongst my transitions and I can treat it as I would any transition.

AND . . .

I can use BMP or PNG or JPG as the transition graphic - amazing! Oh, it also allows me to "sample" the graphic within the GUI

AND . . .

It comes with a beautiful "Film/Optical" type transition that is totally gorgeous.

AND . .

While you are at Scott's website, d/l the CUBES transition . . be prepared to have your socks knocked off!

Scott, THANK YOU!!!

TIP: Don't forget we can also insert a Transition Progress Envelop. This allows us to HOLD or allow a Transition to REVERSE or the other variations that other Envelopes allow. Meaning, I can HOLD a Graphic mid transition - if I want.