Custom processing in windows context menu for Sound Forge Pro 14

Marty74 wrote on 9/3/2020, 12:13 PM


in the actual version of soundforge, there is a very nice feature. On windows, with a right click we have access to some basic feature of soundforge, like "edit the file with soundforge" or "convert to"...

I'm applying very very very often a Normalize process + a specific wavehammer setting on my file.

Is there a way to have this in the context menu so it's applied to the file and save it immediatly ?
each time i must open soundforge, load my file, click on normalize, then wavehammer, and Save it as Mp3 320kbs.
It would be a lot of time saving ! Thanks !


rraud wrote on 9/3/2020, 1:46 PM

Most of the Sound Forge Plug-ins can be added to a Vegas plug-in chain, so you would not have to open the file or a new event copy/take in SF..
Offhand, I am not aware of settings to customize the right-click context audio event menu in Vegas. There may be some options in the (hidden) Internal menu.

Marty74 wrote on 9/3/2020, 3:34 PM

i'm exclusively talking about Soundforge in Windows , not as an audio editor in Vegas.
(I never talked about vegas in my message. unfortunatly there is not dedicated forum for soundforge here, so i didn't know where to post this message.).

I'm using it as a mastering audio editor / tools.
I don't use soundforge with vegas (even if i own it), i use it as a mastering tool for my music productions. ;).

so it's to convert an audio file that I did in Cubase as a musician ;).

(even if after i use it in vegas to make a music video, i use the audio file on its own too).

(there is no context menu for Vegas, only soundforge).

rraud wrote on 9/3/2020, 4:36 PM


There is a Magix Sound Forge forum.

Rick (rraud), Sound Forge Forum Moderator

Marty74 wrote on 9/3/2020, 4:55 PM


There is a Magix Sound Forge forum.

Rick (rraud), Sound Forge Forum Moderator

ahh wow, thank you, Didn't know there was a Magix separated forum lol ! sorry , i'll repost my question there ! Thanks !