Geoff_Wood wrote on 12/5/2002, 5:16 AM
Does for me. SCSI PlexWriter 12-4-32 (x7) and LiteOn 24x .

Bill_Wood wrote on 12/5/2002, 12:45 PM

This forum is like most tech support forums. The people who have no problems have no need to post anything here! So nearly ALL of the posts have to do with problems that users are experiencing. If you look at things you see here in that light you will understand why there is a decidedly negative tone. I am just glad that Sonic Foundry came to their senses and brought CD Architect back to life! I came back to the fold for that very reason.

John_Logan wrote on 12/6/2002, 1:36 PM
I was most unimpressed when they brought the first beta of cda5 out, however they seem to have gotten serious about having a product that most of their users will be happy with. I can't speak for other users but it turns out first rate masters for me. Cda4 was not profitable for them and I can't imagine that the market for cda5 is large either, with that said I would buy it now. I believe the only reason that cda5 exists is the steady chorus of cda4 users that complained about not having a workable mastering app from sonic foundry that works with modern writers. From what I have observed they are monitoring the forums and paying attention to what their end users want. Bottom line for me is it works now. Based on their past history it’s difficult to say how long this product will be a priority for them and updated with any degree of regularity. Right now in terms of value for money spent I think that this product is a good value.
troggg wrote on 12/6/2002, 2:25 PM
Speaking of good value, what about this?
blm15 wrote on 12/7/2002, 8:46 AM
Thanks for the positive posts guys. I for one was thrilled to hear this had been re-released.
I appreciate the info!
blm15 wrote on 12/7/2002, 9:14 AM
Forgot... I'm purchasing this:
"Plextore Drive β€” PX-W4824TA
Up to 48x write speed for 650MB CD in under 3 minutes; up to 24x rewrite speed, 48x CD-ROM read speed; 4MB memory buffer; BURN-Proof technology."

Computer ABIT KTA7, 1.2ghz. Win 98. Nothing much installed in it.
Just wondered if anyone might have experience with this drive/CDA5 combo.
Trying to avoid as many pitfalls sa I can!
Thanks for the info guys.
Jdodge wrote on 12/9/2002, 8:48 AM
We are receiving reports of CD-ROMs exploding in drives that deliver a rev speed of over 10,000 rpms. Beware. Reseller report.
stusy wrote on 12/9/2002, 9:41 AM
I'm not so sure it's a good idea to burn a CD faster than 4x..! I've heard told it's better to burn slower, even if you have the capability to "scream burn"...
spydakb wrote on 12/9/2002, 11:43 AM
This is a response from a friend of mine who is a manger at Future Media, a major CD & DVD replication company. He clarifies more on the subject of "exploding CD-Roms":

There are generally (2) two things that cause this problem:

1. In faster drives there is less room for error when
the disc is rotating fast, therefore the disc should be
as flat as possible. Measuring the disc for flatness is
often referred to as Radial Deviation. A similiar parameter
is called Eccentricity. Both parameters can be controlled
in the manufacturing process. When people place labels on
discs, this sometimes causes disc unbalance...causing the
disc to wobble inside the drive.

2.And of course, the drive itself must be built to sustain
these speeds more reliably.

When these two factors are not meet, there will be some
sort of problem. Exploding is a harsh term, more like
the disc is hitting the insides of the drive itself.

- KB