Densitometer missing.

DiDequ wrote on 1/16/2014, 5:51 AM

I cannot find any densitometer inside Vegas Pro. It is so easy to use for checking our results !
Searching densitometer on this forum : 2 results, about real densitometers.
Searching the pdf manual : no answer
Searching the F1 help : no answer.

Do you know how to set a white/black point on a still picture clicking on the corresponding areas inside Vegas.
I have only found the Aav_ColorLab_1_0_rc2_x64 tool that enables white balancing by clicking somewhere... easy and useful. A good basis !

Used to work for printers - they always use densitometers - on screen (software densito) + real devices to measure a print sheet... (Spectrophotometers for color prints, densitometers for black and white)

DvdArchitect has some nice (limited) tools to correct colors of pictures, in the pan and crop panel, but we cannot use a DVDA project for MANY still pictures. I cannot find those tools in Vegas Pro 12.

Any plugin advice / Vegas pro trick ?



TeetimeNC wrote on 1/16/2014, 6:28 AM
The Vegas Color Corrector plugin lets you set white (high), neutral gray (mid) and black (low) points.

DiDequ wrote on 1/16/2014, 8:05 AM
Thank you Jerry. This Vegas color corrector plugin is a nice tool.
There is no densitometer in it.
Is there a densitometer somewhere in a Vegas plugin ?

TeetimeNC wrote on 1/16/2014, 9:45 AM
Do you know how to set a white/black point on a still picture clicking on the corresponding areas inside Vegas.

Didier, the Color Corrector is the tool to use for setting a white/black point. So I am probably not understanding what you are trying to accomplish with a densitometer. Can you be more specific and i will see if I can offer any insights?

musicvid10 wrote on 1/16/2014, 9:50 AM
Vegas' color pickers (eyedroppers) are built in to several of the fx tools. I don't know of one available from the main toolbar. White and black points can be set from several of those tools, or manually in combination with the video scopes.

I think you got the wrong word from Google translate?
"Densitometer" is a device that measure the optical reflection or transmission density of physical media, specifically prints and transparencies.
DiDequ wrote on 1/16/2014, 11:01 AM
Sorry for my poor explanations.
A tool to measure RGB levels ( I called it a densitometer)
Something like this:

You are right, a densitometer measures something between 0 and 2 (reflexion), between 0 and 5 (transparency)

Moving mouse over the picture gives you the levels of the pixels. This tool can be very useful for me.

musicvid10 wrote on 1/16/2014, 11:10 AM
Vegas doesn't have a dynamic color picker that I know of. You have to click an eyedropper, not hover a mouse.
I have something similar in a free copy of Photoscape.

A densitometer is for physical media, not what you are talking about.

Mark_e wrote on 1/16/2014, 11:11 AM
I keep meaning to try this but I think it's the general idea for what you are looking for. Looks interesting if it works.
TeetimeNC wrote on 1/16/2014, 12:51 PM
Vegas doesn't have a dynamic color picker that I know of.

musicvid, maybe it has a convoluted one. If you open the Sony Chroma Keyer and click on the color swatch you will get a picker available. Then click anywhere on your video and you will select that color and get the numerical value of that color (HSV, HSL, RGB or LAB). I wish the color picker would give you a constant readout as you move it across the preview window (as does Adobe products). Light bulb ON: that is probably what you meant by "dynamic".

musicvid10 wrote on 1/16/2014, 1:53 PM
Yes, by "dynamic" I meant in real time that changes "dynamically" as you move the mouse. That is what the OP said he wants, and what he mistakenly called a "densitometer."

Vegas does not have a realtime color picker that I know of, which means that one has to click something.
The dynamic color picker in Photoscape is a standalone, which one can use on a Best/Full preview in Vegas. I have found it useful.

farss wrote on 1/16/2014, 2:19 PM
[I]"A tool to measure RGB levels ( I called it a densitometer) "[/I]

That is wrong thinking.

A "meter" measures things, in this case light transmission and reflection.

The RGB levels cannot be "measured" as they're just a set of numbers. One can [I]display[/I] them, what they represent is only be convention e.g. Rec 709.

This might sound like I'm being pedantic however in the new ACES pipeline that Vegas supports the distinction is the whole basis of the way it works.

Steve Mann wrote on 1/16/2014, 2:44 PM
I think he wants something like in Photoshop color info window that shows the RGB values of whatever is under the cursor:

There's also a shareware program called "PointandSee Color Picker" that does this: PointandSee Color Picker
DiDequ wrote on 1/16/2014, 2:53 PM
Bob, that is not wrong thinking, because an on screen RVB levels display is called a densitometer in french.
I know I should study some more english !
I have used real densitometers and spectrophotometers 5 days a week during 27 years : I know what those devices measure.

I have found a freeware that does the job I want, for free:

1 Download this french freeware
(I checked it, it is virus free)
(click on the english link)

2 Install it. It works fine under Seven 64 bits.

3 Few settings later : a real time measurement tool for Vegas and other softwares !!!

My mouse is over the yellow dress (picture was shot by my father in 1948 - the ladies are probably dead today)
And RVB informations change in real time.

Hope this tool will help someone else.

royfphoto wrote on 1/16/2014, 4:00 PM
The New Blue Color Fast FX corrector provides the information you are looking for.
John_Cline wrote on 1/16/2014, 4:21 PM
There are MANY freeware programs that accomplish this task, here is a review and list of at least a dozen:
musicvid10 wrote on 1/16/2014, 7:51 PM
Thanks, John Cline.
I've bookmarked that page.