DFS and Vegas 9.0c - Is this as good as it gets?

Noggle wrote on 3/16/2010, 3:42 AM
Hi All,

Debugmode Frame Server: For years I didn't think I needed a Frame Server. This is, of course, because I was ignorant of exactly what one could be useful for. However, trying out DFS with Vegas 9.0c has not proven fruitful. I think I have read everything that there is here on this Sony forum, as well as at Satish's forum and elsewhere.

Firstly, for me, DFS is not available in the Template section for rendering avi. I then, thanks to this forum, placed frameserver=C:\Program Files\DebugMode\FrameServer\dfscVegasV2Out.dll into the file Release.fio2007-config in the Vegas top folder. DFS was still not visible where it should be when attempting to start a render. Personally, I thought it should have been frameserver=FileIO Plug-Ins\Pluginpac\dfscVegasV2Out.dll in the file Release.fio2007-config because that's where the Vegas DFS is located. It is in two places; the other one would be used for WinMorph. I have ended up using the second version of the location, choosing to use the one in the Vegas sub-folder.

Eventually, I found and read in this forum that it would be under default template (uncompressed). Even then I thought it tricky to locate (needs the Custom section).

Does anyone at all see it listed with all the other avi Templates when using Vegas 9.0c?

The only other version of Vegas I have left on my computer is Vegas 5.x, so I tried that. Ha, ha! There was no Release.fio200x-config file but Vegas 5 still saw the DFS entry under the Custom section of default template (uncompressed)!! So, I went back and deleted the entry I had put into the Release.fio2007-config file and re-ran Vegas 9.0c. Sure enough, it also found the DFS entry under the Custom section of default template (uncompressed). I guess that dispels one Vegas urban myth. Putting that entry into Release.fio2007-config has no positive effect one way or the other (not for me, anyway).

Anyway, I tried it out on an mpg file in both versions of Vegas. Both times it actually seemed to be doing the job, according to the preview window, so I was quite pleased with myself. I was actually getting into frame serving! However, when I tried playing back the avi file in Vegas 9.0c, I saw a red frame at each end and in the middle and only black in the preview window. I had created a file completely of black frames (The red ones never showed in the preview window). In Vegas 5 it was all black.

I had ensured that the audio as at 44.1 and 16, although some writers here said only the 16 bit was really important. The audio track rendered perfectly well as far as I could see.

I also tried loading the DFS avi file into VirtualDub but it couldn't see or hear anything. Loading it into MovieMaker was no better (one of them hung, but I can't recall which one now).

So ..... is DFS v2.7 usable with Vegas 9.0c or not?

Finally, is there another free Vegas-compatible frame server out there somewhere?




Grazie wrote on 3/16/2010, 6:19 AM
> So ..... is DFS v2.7 usable with Vegas 9.0c or not?

Sorry Noggle - I have DFS ver 2.6 32-bit there is not 64-bit - and that works like slinky slippery snakes slinking through an oil slip's slip holes!

Noggle wrote on 3/16/2010, 5:20 PM
> I have DFS ver 2.6 32-bit there is not 64-bit
I forgot to mention that I have a 32-bit machine, not 64-bit. From reading all the posts I had already discovered there is no 64-bit version yet.

> and that works
So, does this mean that v2.7 is 'broken'? I will try to find v2.6 and uninstall v2.7.
Noggle wrote on 3/16/2010, 5:35 PM
Grazie: I forgot to ask you ..... using DFS v2,6 works excellently for you - does this mean that you see it as available in the list of avi templates or is it 'hidden' in the uncompressed template Custom section? Some other long-time users here have also said it doesn't operate the wya it used to? Does your v2.6 operate the way it always has or is it also different?

Also, I have searched and there is nowhere I can download v2.6 now. Intutitively I am suspicious that v2.7 is really 'broken' and feel that there is some other factor involved.