Digi001 and SF apps

doctorfish wrote on 3/22/2002, 1:45 AM
I am currently using the Audiophile 2496 from M-Audio
to record. I'm quite happy with it, but now I'm thinking
about expanding my range of ins and outs.
My studio exchanges some projects with a few people who use ProTools LE
and so I was thinking about going with the Digi001.

However I love Vegas, Sound Forge, and Acid and want
an audio interface that will work with all these
as well.

Does the Digi001 work with SF apps?
I know their software requires their hardware,
but I wasn't sure if it worked the other way around.




KjipRecords wrote on 3/22/2002, 2:36 AM

I'm using digi001/PTLE together with Acid, Veagas Video and Sound Forge XP. My second sound card is a Creamware pulsar2. The cards are linked via ADAT.

I had some capacity problems with my previous computer (P3@700), but I recently upgraded to a AMD XP2000+ setup, and things are now working really well.


doctorfish wrote on 3/22/2002, 7:34 AM
Thanks for the info.

I don't want to get much into it here
since this is the SF forum, but
doesn't PT LE only run in Win 98 and
not XP?

It's good to hear that the hardware
is compatable with the SF programs.

KjipRecords wrote on 3/22/2002, 9:05 AM
PTLE runs only on 98SE or WinME, but there is currently a version in development that will qualify PTLE for XP Home. This version will probably be released this summer, maybe...

I use digi001 only with PTLE, but it works with SF programs also, but not when PTLE is running.

I think SF+PTLE is a good combination.