Digital Juice Xmas sale!

Tattoo wrote on 12/6/2009, 1:19 PM
The folks at Digital Juice have started rolling out there annual Twelve Days of Christmas sale. Day 1 is Compositor's Toolkit 1 for $200 (normally $500 ... ouch!). Day 2 is their foldable blue/green screen w/ bag for $100. So far these sales items are limited in number (250 units of CT1, 150 units of the green screen). Compositor's Toolkit 2 is still on it's introductory offer of $200 through December, apparently.

Check for promos each day here: Digital Juice sale promos

Although I don't have an immediate need for these products, I'm going crazy this year & getting a bunch of stuff while it's on sale. Since what I'm buying is all very high fidelity/high definition (higher than HD resolution & often filmed at high speed, so it can be used slow or sped up), I don't see these products losing their validity for a long, long time.

I'm throwing down birthday/Xmas cash on Compositor's Toolkit 1 & 2, and hopefully on Motion Designer Toolkit 1 if it goes on sale.

What are you hoping Santa brings from Digital Juice? With this limited supply offers, you may have to give Santa's helper a serious poke to get on the ball or just take matters into you own hands ...

P.S. I forgot to mention--if you have trouble visualizing how you'd use some of these things (like me), then you need to check out the training/demo videos they have. A lot of these products can be used as mattes and other stuff that's not immediately apparent. You can sort the videos for just Vegas, or watch/learn from them all. Even if you don't get these DJ products, the training videos are outstanding & you can learn a lot of cool techniques about Vegas/other NLEs by watching them. Very cool!

Digital Juice training videos



Coursedesign wrote on 12/6/2009, 1:45 PM
The Compositor's Toolkit series is very good, but when it comes to the Motion Designer Toolkit I have to agree with the reviewer here who said it looked like "an explosion in a tattoo factory."

Don't overlook the PhotoKnockouts for compositing also, they're great for motion graphics.

I have some of DJ's font packages, but usually find them "too strong" for my needs. Simplicity rules for fonts (in most cases). Of course everyone has different needs, just pray that others your customers are exposed to don't use the same extreme fonts.
Jay Gladwell wrote on 12/6/2009, 4:01 PM

Sale, schmail...

I just wish I had a dollar for every e-mail I get (throughout the day) from DJ regarding some "sale" they're having or "Last chance" to get something they're discontinuing.

I could retire!

Tattoo wrote on 12/6/2009, 9:05 PM
Jay - Too true! At least they are very consistent in their sale pricing, so if you're in the market there's no concern about waiting for a better deal until way, way down the road when they look to retire a product.

Course - Yeah, not a fan of the overly-cute font look. I guess you can strip some of the gawdy layers off of the fonts, but still more than I'm looking for. I do need to find some good basic video fonts. The generic stuff on my computer is decent for Word, but not great for video. Hey, haven't been able to find the Motion Designer review you mention on this Vegas forum. Was it somewhere else?