Digital Video and Audio Production Vegas 4.0 Book

Bear wrote on 7/24/2003, 3:31 PM
I bought this book and companion cd and think it is a very good buy. I have not complete everything in it but what I have done is very well laid out and easy to work with. This is a Sonic Foundry Publication. Authors are Gary Rebholz and Michael Bryant who wrote the Acid for Dummies book. I think SOFO charges way to much for shipping $9.00 for a book but at $29.95 the book itself is a good deal and a big help to a person trying to learn Vegas Video 4. Along with the DVD's from Gary Keliner you can get up to speed very rapidly.


Jay_Mitchell wrote on 7/24/2003, 5:44 PM
I Highly Agree with Bear that the Digital Video and Audio Production Guide with CD - Published by Sonic Foundry Press is an essential learning tool for New Vegas Users and Seasoned Professionals, alike.

For the benefit of those who haven't seen the workbook - I'll give the following review.

Well Written
Well Thought Out
Easy To Follow Along
Excellent Accompaning CD Media and Project Files
Terrific - Self Paced Lessons
An Excellent Value at $29.

This is a great tool to use to start learning Vegas 4 for all users.

SoFo, should consider including this training workbook in their boxed sets of Vegas Software.

--Jay Mitchell

Southern California Vegas Users Group

MyST wrote on 7/24/2003, 9:45 PM
This question should be directed to SoFo I guess, but...

I have the Digital Video and Audio Production book for VV3.0.
Would it be somehow possible to get the added info to cover the new features via a PDF downloadable file?
I did download the 4.0 New Features PDF.

I'll e-mail SoFo to ask directly, but if any of you have the answer (maybe you've asked them), I'd appreciate any input.

Rogueone wrote on 7/24/2003, 9:50 PM
Does the book cover using the color wheel? That's something I've been trying to figure out, is how to reduce some glare and color.
donp wrote on 7/24/2003, 10:21 PM
Yes, there is an entire lesson devoted to Color Correction which includes the color wheel. You should buy the book. It really helped me get with Vegas and I use it still.
Johannes_H wrote on 7/25/2003, 5:16 AM
>>>I think SOFO charges way to much for shipping $9.00 for a book but at $29.95 ...<<<

I am also interested in this book and I went to the SoFo Site and clicked "Buy Now". I selected my country (Austria/Europe) and the only shipping method available was "UPS Express ..." which is $54 !!!!

I also looked at Amazon but they do not offer this book.

farss wrote on 7/25/2003, 7:31 AM
I'd totally have to agree about SoFo shipping costs. I'm certain they get nothing out of it so why the hell don't they offer a cheaper shipping option for international delivery.

I buy quite a bit of small value stuff from the US and I oftenly base my choice of supplier purely on them offering shipping via US mail, so what if it takes a few more days to get here. Charging USD 36.00 to ship a CD is absurd, add to that currency conversion costs and its about 4 hours pay over here.
woodrose wrote on 7/25/2003, 2:13 PM
USPS has a forth class media rate that is dirt cheap, should only cost a buck or two in the US. So... SoFo is making money on the shipping no matter where they seem to be sending training media. Guess they have to make money some how. I have the book/cd, its good ,ok. I learned more in one hour from Gary K and Spots training DVD,s then six hours of the study book and cd. The PDF manual is a good start, the Dig,Vid and Aud,Pro vegas book/cd and PDF will get you on the race track and the DVD,s will slam you back in your seat and make ya grab the wheel with both hands. If I had to do it all over again I would bypass the book/cd, browse through the PDF and get the DVD,s. When I odered vv3 the only thing out there was the book/cd. I just got Garys DVD,s and was going to send them back(had not looked at them) because I had Spots DVD set for about a month and was doing well. Then I thought Gary has worked hard on his training set and is was cheap so what the hell. To make it short, you will learn a lot and something different from both of these guys. GREAT TRAINERS!! Glad I got them both!!