Direct X 8 and compatibility issues

efiebke wrote on 3/23/2001, 6:30 PM

I just down purchased and downloaded the Vegas Video
upgrade software. Upon installing the program, I was told
that I need to have Direct X 8 installed on the computer.
I did not know this!!! I'm concerned that the Direct X 8
may not be compatible with a couple of audio/midi recording
softwares that I currently own. They are: 1) Steinberg's
Wavelab and 2) Emagic's Logic Audio Platinum software. I
have read both software forums that describe nightmarish
incompatability problems with Direct X 8. Steinberg even
suggests not using the Direct X 8 software and to use the
Direct X 7a instead. So far, I have **NOT** installed the
Direct x 8 software and therefore the Vegas Video upgrade
(which cost me $400.00!!!) because I'm afraid of messing
with the other software I own. Please advise. Is there a
way of installing the Vegas Video software without the
Direct X 8 upgrade?!?!?

Thanks in advance.

Ted Fiebke


Rednroll wrote on 3/24/2001, 7:50 PM
sounds like good ole Microsux has done it again, makes an
upgrade and it isn't backwards compatible, so now everyone
must make upgrades for their software.

Rosebud wrote on 3/25/2001, 7:18 AM
You can:
Install DX8
Install Vegas 2.0d
Uninstall DX8 (with DXBUSTER)
Re-install DX7

But the best way is to keep vegas 2.0b

desroberts wrote on 3/28/2001, 6:24 PM
I have made a fix for this, please visit: