pwppch wrote on 2/12/2000, 10:18 PM
This is by design.

The bypass is not about saving CPU, but to A/B fx in the mix. We
basically keep all FX busy with the current streaming data. If we
didn't you would the fx would not be heard in context of the mix as
you switch it in and out of bybass.

I found that this is the behavior of external fx units and this is
what I modeled. When you bypas you don't stop feeding the fx unit but
rather the input is routed to the output before being fed into
processesing stages. The processing is still being done so that when
you un bypass, the processing is in context so that if a process is
dependent on previous data, you hear this.

Something for us to consider in a future rev - a off line mode in
addition to a bypass.


oscari wrote:
>>How is it possible that if i bypass bus effects the cpu
>>usage wont get any smaller ?
>>When running near 100% cpu usage, it's stupid that i have
>>to remove and add effects all the time if want to try and
>>use different fx setups in the same project !