Disapearing text ??

fuzzzzy wrote on 7/21/2002, 6:24 PM
When I copy and paste from a second session of VV the generated media from the second sesion disapears after "paste" and is replaced with the default "SAMPLE TEXT"

I have tried both options from the pop up menu ie "create reference/create copy"
How can I paste the generated media from the second session into the first session?



Chienworks wrote on 7/21/2002, 6:30 PM
Wait until Vegas 4?

This is a known issue with Vegas. Supposedly they're working on it. For the time being, if you need exactly the same text copied, you could render that text event as a DV .avi file then import this file as a video clip into the other project.
Tyler.Durden wrote on 7/21/2002, 9:03 PM
You might also try saving the text as a preset, then selecting it from the dropdown in the second instance text generator.