Distorted Audio/Ear rape effect disappears after rendering video

DavidinNorway wrote on 5/1/2020, 7:24 PM

So, I'm pretty new to Sony Vegas, and... after working on a video for quite sometime I rendered the video to just test how rendering works and find my personal settings that worked best for me. Now, everything seemed just fine at first, but when I recently tried to render it after more working on my video... the distorted sound effects disappeared completely, every audio track were I added distorted sound effects were just gone... But it only happens after the video is rendered, in sony vegas everything sounds like how it should be. Whats even more strange is that after trying to render it a few more times, the distorted sound effect was back again working as it should after my third time-ish of rendering... but now, it's gone back to not have the effect anymore. I don't have any clue to why this is happening, and it feels like I just have to cross my fingers and hope that the effect is still in the video after rendering and just keep trying and render it, and render it until the effect is working. This is really frustrating, and I would really appreciate if someone has anything to say about this issue, if someone has a fix for this, or just if someone is having a same issue, please let me know! Thank you for your time.

Edit: Of what I can see, it seems like any changes to the audio tracks disappears, if I change the volume or do anything that changes the audio it will reset back to its original state.


rraud wrote on 5/2/2020, 9:34 AM

What audio file types on the timeline? Audio render settings? Plug-ins? Volume and effects envelopes?

DavidinNorway wrote on 5/2/2020, 6:04 PM

The Audio render settings is 48 000 on Sample rate, and then 384 000 on bit rate. file types on timeline, well, just regular mp4 files, I guess, for the music and sound effects, but I'm not entirely sure what you call audio type that's coming from the video. I don't think I use any plug-ins, is there any way to actually check this, or is there a way to check all the file types through vegas? Volume and effects seem to be the only thing that won't work properly, I thought I might had fixed it earlier today cause I did change the render settings a bit, but then it started again after I did another test without changing anything I had done earlier, out of the blue it just started again. Thank you for the comment, rraud! I hope we can get this fixed as soon as possible.

What audio file types on the timeline? Audio render settings? Plug-ins? Volume and effects envelopes?


rraud wrote on 5/3/2020, 9:58 AM

Most MP4 video files have AAC audio. 'MediaInfo' states the file's pertinent A/V parameters.

You can globally bypass all the audio effects in the 'Options' menu, in lieu of searching through all the audio events, tracks and buses

Is the audio normal if you render a 48kHz (audio only) PCM <.wav> file?