Distorted Images??

AaronLittle wrote on 2/11/2004, 10:28 PM
I have a project I am wrapping up. It has a few screens that are made up of stills and a few screens that are made up of small picture in picture in addition to the rest being normal video. In both the stills and the pic in pic the edges of the pictures is distorted. It looks fine on the pc but the print to tape copy is just plain strange. Do I have something set wrong or am I just crazy?




Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/12/2004, 5:31 AM
You're not crazy. I've had similar problems in the past. Unfortunately, when I asked for help the threads died a quick death before I could get any answers.

In one situation, I had pictures (scanned photos) that I had dropped onto a background (a simple graduated color b.g. created with the Media Generator). The vertical edges of the photographs were distorted when viewed on an external monitor.

In another instance, I had created a text graphic using Photoshop. When I dumped that into Vegas' timeline, it looked good on the pc monitor. However, on the external monitor the letters, at certain points on the vertical axis, looked as if they had been sheared to the left. Very frustrating!

Does any of this match your porblem?


P.S. As unpopular as it may be, I'm gonna keep bumping this to the top until we get some help, Aaron. Hopefully, one of the techs at Sony will see it!
Chienworks wrote on 2/12/2004, 5:57 AM
Can we see some samples of these problems? Maybe a few screenshots and a couple of 1 second .avi files? These would really help a lot.
Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/12/2004, 6:29 AM
Great idea, Kelly, thanks! Give me some time to pull one.

Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/12/2004, 7:59 AM
Kelly, I had to create another image (original files long deleted). In doing so, it reminded me that it was a monitor problem. This surprises me 'cause I use, albeit a low-end one, a SONY studio monitor.

Did ya hear that Sony? I'm using a SONY studio monitor, with SONY Vegas software, a SONY DSR-30, and I'm still having problems. ;o)


P.S. Guess I'll have to invest in the JVC BM-H1310SU--more monitor for less money.
AaronLittle wrote on 2/12/2004, 11:55 AM
This sounds like the same problem I am having. The problem with posting a screen shot is it always looks fine on my pc monitor. The problem only shows up after I have printed to tape and play it on a TV. Any TV I have tried has the same effect.
Chienworks wrote on 2/12/2004, 12:22 PM
Well, there may still be some clues from the screenshot that we can grab on to. For example, are there lots of strong or contrasty colors around the edge? These can look perfectly fine in RGB on the computer monitor, but once they're compressed to DV they can become very jagged. Is there any chance you're passing the signal through your DV camcorder to print to tape? If so, how does it look on the LCD viewfinder?

Also, if you capture it back from the tape, how does this new capture look on the computer monitor?
Former user wrote on 2/12/2004, 12:28 PM
Are you rendering at BEST or GOOD?

Dave T2
AaronLittle wrote on 2/12/2004, 12:37 PM
The edges are not really jagged. They are wavy. And that is just the vertical ones.

I am rendering as good. I will try it at best.

I just finished authoring it as a DVD and I have the same results on the disc as well.

Thanks to all of you for your help so far. I will try and get a screen shot together.

Former user wrote on 2/12/2004, 12:45 PM
I have always found that video that is smaller than normal (such as PIP) will render funny at GOOD settings, but is usually okay at BEST.

Dave T2
HPV wrote on 2/12/2004, 1:50 PM
Note that you can do selective prerenders at the best setting for things that need it. Create a time region and hit "shift & M" keys. Then you can render the full project at the good setting and the best quality prerenders will hold.

Craig H.
Jay Gladwell wrote on 2/12/2004, 3:04 PM
I've been rendering to best.

Kelly, I used white (RGB at 16) on a blue granduated background. The scanned photos were over the same b.g.

kentwolf wrote on 2/12/2004, 7:53 PM
I had ther exact same issue and never heard a definitive answer.

I just ended up sizing the pictures until the edges were no longer distorted.

While not a solution, it will at least get you going.