Ditching Phantom AudioTracks

timbre4 wrote on 8/5/2006, 7:12 PM
Good evening,

I used Vegas 5.0 to record 8 channel analog reel tapes by way of a M-Audio 1010 card and it worked out pretty good. Now I am working some them up as "new" projects and notice a repeat bummer. Maybe you know the answer....

KEY FACT: I created a 8template.veg and used it repeatedly for each 8 track "song" import job.

I save the "new" project and it uses, for example: Track 3 Recording 7, Track 4 Recording 7 and Track 5 Recording 7, etc. When I open that project (even after Save As under new name) I have to trip over finding tracks that never really existed in this session.

I will likely encouter and have to deal with: Track 1 Recording 1, Track 1 Recording 5, Track 2 Recording 1, Track 2 Recording 5, Track 3 Recording 1, Track 3 Recording 5, Track 4 Recording 1, Track 4 Recording 5, Track 5 Recording 1, Track 5 Recording 5, Track 6 Recording 1, Track 6 Recording 5, Track 7 Recording 1, Track 7 Recording 5, Track 8 Recording 1, Track 8 Recording 5, BEFORE it will load the tracks that ARE in the project! (Track 3 Recording 7, Track 4 Recording 7 and Track 5 Recording 7)

Yes the default track naming convention is dangerously confusing!

I'm reasonably sure that my template (8 channels ready and armed for recording) is to blame for this issue. So.......

How do I tell a Vegas project NOT to ever look for these bogus tracks again? It does it even when I create a brand new project and drag each track onto the grid separately.

Doesn't it seem reasonable that if I have three tracks saved in a project that it LOAD THOSE and NOT bug me for 16 tracks that do not apply? Is that so wrong? :) Help me break this chain....

TIA for any insights.... Tim (Pass4Human on Acid Planet)


adowrx wrote on 8/5/2006, 8:30 PM
Did you record over the original tracks in the SAME .veg file?
BradlyMusic wrote on 8/5/2006, 8:34 PM
When you open up your default project, goto the Project media pool. Make sure you "Sweep" the project media pool, then resave the default project. Also each time you start a new project using your template, be sure to set the recording folder to a new location. Located under FILE>PROPERIES>Audio Tab.

This should elliminate your problem you're having if you fully understood what I just wrote.
timbre4 wrote on 8/6/2006, 12:15 PM
Thanks for reply; here's the workflow:

1. Opened my 8template.veg and added files
2. Once they're all opened on timeline Save As new name
3. Close that file
4. Re-open 8template (empty except for bugging me for Track 13?)

repeated the process about 40 times...
timbre4 wrote on 8/6/2006, 12:17 PM
Thanks BradlyMusic! I see how that could cure me of the artifacts. Will keep this post handy for next round.
JeffreyPFisher wrote on 8/14/2006, 9:43 AM
You must sweep that project media pool if you delete tracks from T/L ... they stay there otehrwise, and vegas wants to find 'em!