dividing movie between dvd's

navboy wrote on 9/19/2009, 6:07 AM
Hello, i've been using Vegas Plat and Architect Studio 4.5 for several months now to build short features of my own work and organize them onto portfolio dvd's.

Now is my first attempt at taking a feature length art video (2 hours) that was one big AVI file and i used Vegas to Render it out to mpeg2 and AAC audio files, and after hours of rendering, when i import into Architect they take up about 5 GB, too big to fit on a single DVD. I don't think my burner even does dual layer (LITE-ON LH-20A1P), but i'd hoped for some sort of wizard or feature in either Vegas or Architect to help me divide it up into 2 dvd's ...

I couldn't find one, so i'm going to go back to Vegas and set an out point about 2/3 through it then render to 2 sets of files for use in Architect.

In general, though, to save myself hours of rendering time in the future only to find out it's too big, what is the best way to use these products to avoid that scenario? Is there a trick or workaround or feature i'm missing to easily know in advance whether to divide it up? Is manually chopping it in Vegas the only way, or is there a way to do it in Architect? Thx.