dlt support

bassam wrote on 4/22/2006, 2:23 PM
My 24p project (shot in 24p and edited with 24p) shot last summer in the Himalayas (the dvx100a camera proved to be tough) came in finished at 157 minutes - rendered out again in 24p, it comes in at 7.1 GB before authoring, 8.0 after

- when I rendered it out as at a test bit rates max 6, and average 3,070,000, the file size came in small enough to get on one dvd - with the authoring, a total of 4.5 Gb - the subject matter is all interviews so the background is constant - I know that helps in the bit rate compression.

this brings up a number of questions for me:

Did the 24p increase the project file size and how do people generally work with the 24p end file size in dvdA if the files seem large?

?a) the quaity at the lower bit rate still seems acceptable, will others generally find that look o.k. or is that too low an averg, bit rate for people receiving and also paying for this and watching it at home? Do others use that bit rate for interviews (talking heads)?

We'll be making approx. 2,000+ copies so the quality needs to be generally acceptable - I believe DLT will make a big difference over me giving the replication house a dvdR master. Is that correct?

Does DVDA3 support dlt mastering and can I hook up a dlt external drive to my computer farily easily or do I need some other special sofware/hardware to do it? There are several good looking used dlt's on ebay for a reasonalble price. It still seems dlt is the most reliable and least fuss method for repication -

Also, is the dlt the best way to go for my above concerns - other options?

thanks for your interest - Bassam


donp wrote on 4/23/2006, 7:38 PM
I can only suggest an answer on the DLT question. I use GEAR Pro Mastering 7 to writer to DLT when i need to and also to set the layer break. It will write a DDP images too. I don't think DVDA will write to a DLT drive or do DDP images.