Do I get Sound Forge Audio 12 if I install MS 16 Plat on second PC?

Philip wrote on 11/30/2019, 7:38 PM

I just installed MS 16 on a new PC, which will replace my current one. The email with the MS link I have saved is for MS 15, and I upgraded for free or very little to MS 16 (there was a way to go from 14 to 16 very cheaply, as I recall), but although I have the serial number for Sound Forge Audio 12, which is installed on my current machine, it was not offered in the installation I just did on my new machine. I got MS, DVD Arch, Music Maker, and a couple of smaller applications that check for updates or something. Can I get not get a copy of Sound forge now?

Thanks, as always.



EricLNZ wrote on 11/30/2019, 9:08 PM

To my knowledge Sound Forge isn't part of the VMS package nowadays but you can purchase it separately.

Install your old SFA12 on your new machine and activate it with your serial number. If you don't have your original download saved go into your Magix account and look at your products. You should hopefully find it there (the old Sony Creative Software downloads were migrated over). I've just checked mine and it has my Sound Forge Audio Studio 10 there which came years ago with Sony MS12. If yours isn't there come back for further advice.