Does a Smart Defragger exist for WindowsME?

FrankM wrote on 9/6/2002, 8:46 AM
I know how important it is to defrag my hard disk before I capture video.

However, the WindowsME defragger seems painfully slow. It takes large chunks of non-framented clusters and insists on moving them up to fill an empty space that it creates when it moves other non-fragmented sectors. This takes a long time for a sizeable hard disk.

Does anyone make a smart defragger? By "smart" I mean a defragger that examines the files and empty spaces to determine which files will fit into the empty spaces and move only those files needing moving?

That sure would save lots of time and encourage us to defrag more often.



BillyBoy wrote on 9/6/2002, 9:33 AM
Both Diskeeper (only a defragger) and Norton Utilities includes a defragger, do the task faster. McAfee has a pretty decent one too in their utilities package. As far as better, that's a matter of opinion. Non-fragmented sectors tent to get moved regardless what tool you use and the process is time consuming. You can speed things up a lot by setting up a seperate smaller partition for your video work. Otherwise doing a whole huge drive can take a long time, like overnight.
swarrine wrote on 9/6/2002, 4:41 PM
I reformat my video disks. Once the project is over, I start over.

Disclaimer...This method erases all data on the hard drive you are formatting.