Does Vegas need a whole new engine?

astar wrote on 12/26/2017, 9:54 PM

Just read an article about how Final Cut now supports 8K, HDR color correction, 360 video, and support for multiple RAW video formats. Of course you do need a $5K+ mac to run all that well.



astar wrote on 12/27/2017, 10:06 AM

Large resolution is not about home display of TV/Film at home. High resolutions will be critical in 360 and AR presentations. It will help to reduce the "screen door" effect.

Most filmmakers also want to produce at the highest resolution possible, so the content has the longest shelf life. I know for myself, I have plenty of Standard Def and HD Standard Range work that is now looking pretty low res.

Our display devices of today are absolute crap when compared to REC2020 capable devices that are now coming out. REC2020 will be the new standard, our editing system should be out in front and not playing catch up.

The current implementation of Vegas is fine if you are editing gaming video, or are happy with the 8-bit video world.

I have literally used Vegas since it was Sonic Foundry, and I have seen the days when Final Cut released "new features" that Vegas already had been doing for years. I am always hoping that Vegas will up the game back to trend setting levels.