Double Layer Considerations

ScottW wrote on 9/22/2004, 5:42 PM
I've been doing some investigation into DL as preparation for trying it out. Thought I'd start a thread so people might be able to post things that others would need to be aware of (besides the obvious lack of support in DVDA - at least for now).

One thing that became obvious right away is that you need to think about your DL burner. Apparently DL +R has been tentatively assigned a new book type, and players more then 12 months old may not read the disks simply because of this. Some of the players write a book type of DVD-ROM for DL +R (even though they don't write a book type of DVD-ROM for SL +R).

So, keep this in mind when selecting a burner: from my research, NEC, Pioneer and ASUS all have burners that use a book type of DVD-ROM. There's hacked firmware available on the internet for the NEC burner that lets you do DVD-ROM for SL +R as well (if you don't fully understand what it means to flash your burner with hacked firmware, then don't do this - it voids the warrenty on your burner and done incorrectly could result in a dead burner).

While book type is important, media support is also important. Some of the burners I looked at didn't support various types of media (it wasn't clear why), and it may take a few firmware releases to get this all corrected. Also some media seemed to be much better on certain burners in the area of errors.

I'm still investigating how Nero supports DL - they have lots of press releases saying that they support this, but very little actual technical content (that I've found yet) on what/how you do this. So far it doesn't look like a simple process to pull a prepared DVDA project into Nero, but I'm still learning.