Duplicate file names in Media window

RgVideo wrote on 1/11/2023, 1:33 PM

Using MSP 16, build 167.

I created a project with many photos.  It was easier to find the photos in a low resolution folder, so I used them.  Now I'd like to replace them with high resolution ones before my final rendering.  The high resolution ones have the same file name, but are in a different folder.

When I drag the hi-res ones into the media window I end up with two photos with the same name.  I was hoping the new ones would replace the old, with maybe a warning message.  Now it appears I need to drag the hi-res one to the time line and replace the lo-res one as a "take".  Then delete the lo-res one from the media library, to avoid confusion when looking at the media window.  Any quicker way to do this?



j-v wrote on 1/11/2023, 3:29 PM

You are not using the latest build for the program, that is build 175
Did you try rightclick on a photo in Project Media and choose "replace. . ." ?


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RgVideo wrote on 1/11/2023, 7:15 PM

Thanks for the reminder as II don't use MSP regularly.  As I was driving home today, I thought I'd used a "replace" function before.  Eureka, it works great and saves me time! I just right click on the timeline event and select "Select in project media list" and it takes me right to the media entry where I right click and select "Replace"!
Thanks again, Ralph