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john-baker wrote on 3/15/2020, 7:30 AM



. . . . I wanted to have the camcorder all set up so I could to the bday video but since I can't I'll have to use my old camcorder. . . . . .

Why not put the 2 cameras side by side, adjust the zoom to cover the same view. Use the DV camera connected to your laptop for viewing and record with the AX100 to its SD card.

When finished used the video from the AX100.

Alternatively, if you have a spare computer monitor or TV with HDMI input and do not want to record in 4K, connect the AX100 via the HDMI cable to the monitor/TV set the camera to recording file format to AVCHD and record to the SD card.


John EB


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Matthew-Borcello wrote on 3/16/2020, 3:17 PM

I just got an email from the MAGIX people saying conflicting information from what I was told on here. Now I'm really confused. It doesn't mention anything about needing a capture card. I copy/pasted it below.


Dear Matthew,

Thank you for your message. If you're trying to capture the footage on your camera in Movie Studio 13 Platinum you'll need a firewire connection and not an HDMI connection.

Thank you for contacting Magix Support.

Best regards,
x x

MAGIX Software GmbH

Postfach 500109
01067 Dresden

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Matthew-Borcello wrote on 3/19/2020, 1:27 AM

john-baker, I don't think putting the 2 camcorders side by side would work. I need to be able to see if I'm on the mark and if my whole body comes up on the screen. Having 2 camcorders connected to each other wouldn't help since the screen on both camcorders are too small.

Remember, my problem is that the computer doesn't detect the camcorder. Getting an HDMI cable and capture card sounds more plausible so I'll find out if it works once I get it.

The Magix people say I don't need an HDMI cable so I don't know. Its really messed up when a novice is given all sorts of different solutions.

For now I'm waiting for the capture card to come in the mail since I already ordered it and I'll try the HDMI cable thing since I already ordered the capture card. Hopefully that will solve my problem.

The cable that come with the Sony camcorder is supposed to be plug and play with VMS. The FDR AX-100 is supposed to be user-friendly. Both didn't turn out to be true.

Matthew-Borcello wrote on 3/20/2020, 6:47 PM

I finally got my capture card and hooked it up from the camcorder to the computer and it worked! I can see what I’m filming on my computer at the same time.

Its sad that Sony tech support doesn’t know about their own camcorders. All they do is read off of the documentation and assume that it is 100% correct and when you can’t find what they read off to you on your camcorder they practically insinuate that you are lying.  Tech support finally told me to ask the VMS/Magix people. They obviously didn’t want to deal with the issue because they didn’t know how to solve it. They just passed the problem along to somewhere else.

I contated VMS/Magix and they told me I need a firewire, not an HDMI cable to capture stuff from my camcorder to VMS.  To me a firewire is one of those thingy’s that look like what you plug into a headphone jack, but I looked it up and found out it can also be a USB cable.  Magix didn’t mention that I need a capture card.

If Sony tech support would have told me that all I needed was a capture card it would have solved my problem a long time ago, but instead they told me to ask the VMS/Magix.  I did that 2 weeks ago, but I eventually found this VMS forum and asked here.  After all this time I finally got my answer.

Thank you so very much john-baker and Chief24. Your simple solution helped solve my problem.  It was such a simple solution yet I would never have known what to do if it weren’t for you.

Sony tech support is worthless and I will NEVER buy from Sony again.

Chief24 wrote on 3/20/2020, 9:33 PM


Glad to see you finally got this situated out! And best part, it's Working! 😃

But little bit of advice: don't totally hate on Sony. You've got a great video camera in the AX-100, just like the two baby siblings in the AX-33 & AX-53 (which I have). From reviews that I keep track of, the newer AX-700 just adds to the great video these guys produce, including the newest addition of the AX-43. And don't forget, they've got some great mirror-less cameras that plenty of people enjoy and shoot with, photos & video alike.

The software side of things, doubt you'll find much argument within this forum, myself included, as a lot of the users were tired of the lack of support SCS (Sony Creative Software) provided, including allowing all their products to go into dis-array and falling behind the competition. Sure is amazing how much they put into purchasing studios for releasing movies to the consumer, creating issues with production software (unless big "houses"), and other items to the detriment of the "End User".

Happy Editing!

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