DV to AVI to MPEG2...

Skywatcher wrote on 9/14/2004, 11:37 PM
Sup Everyone,

I have an easy question for you guys...

I am capturing DV to Hard Drive. I add a few vid tracks and a sound effects track then I render to AVI for output to tape. Here is the Question:

Is there any video loss from the "captured" DV to AVI...then from the rendered AVI to MPEG2 (for DVD)?? Rendering would be faster from AVI to MPEG2 if there is no quality loss.



farss wrote on 9/15/2004, 1:23 AM
Actually there's the potential for a slight quality improvement but only where you've added FXs or transitions as Vegas calculates these in 4:2:2. Rendering out to a new AVI downsamples that to 4:1:1 (if its NTSC). However as your original material is only 4:1:1 with no FXs etc there's nothing to be gained and even where there is it's only very slight.
There is a small upside, the encode runs much quicker as Vegas doesn't have to do all the calcs so if you decide there's something minor to fix once you've done the DVD less time lost going back if you can fix it in the rendered .AVI file.

Skywatcher wrote on 9/15/2004, 2:30 AM

Thanks Bob