DVD-A Compatibility List

BillyBoy wrote on 10/22/2003, 3:34 PM
What may be useful is something along the lines of the DVD Help compatibility lists. I'd be willing to put one up on my web site just for DVD-A (or someone else can volunteer if they want) since the space I have devoted to Vegas is rather limited and primative that we can't make it interactive like take polls or any fancy stuff my ISP won't allow it.

Just need some simple input:

make/model DVD burner
burn speed (1X, 2.4X, etc.)
media brand used (Sony, HP, Verbatium etc.)
media type (DVD +R, DVD-R DVD+RW etc.)
source (MPEG-2 generated in Vegas, AVI, etc.)
template used (DVD NTSC, DVD PAL, etc.)
DVD player
problems (be brief)


JakeHannam wrote on 10/22/2003, 8:42 PM
Make/model: Pioneer DVR-A04
Burn speed: 1x (it does do 2x but haven't tried it)
Media brands: Fujifilm DVD-R, Memorex DVD-R
Media Type: DVD-R
Source: Vegas 4.0d (using DVDA NTSC template with audio added - custom)
Problems: NO problems known (plays on Toshiba SD-5200 set top player) and on several friend's (brands of players unknown)

Sorry but I have limited experience thus far but so far, so good.

Tampa wrote on 10/23/2003, 9:08 AM
Make/Model = whatever drive comes with Sony Vaio GRX670
Burn Speed = 1x
Media brands = Good: CompUSA, SONY Bad: Maxell
Media Type = DVD-R
Source = Vegas 4 (captured DV and audio from Sony camcorder)
Problems = NONE, except for the bad Maxell media listed above.

Notes: My biggest project was a 1 hour video with DD5.1 audio. To date I know it has been played on 15 different DVD players (STB as well as computer) without any problems.
Rogueone wrote on 10/23/2003, 9:42 PM
Make/Model = NEC DVD+R drive
Burn Speed = 1x, 2.5x, 4x
Media brands = So far Maxell and Imation (Both work fine)
Media Type = DVD+R
Source = Vegas 4.0d. NTSC DVD format
Problems = None, only glitch was one Maxell didn't play in one friend's DVD player. I still can't figure that one out
clearvu wrote on 10/23/2003, 10:02 PM
HP DVD300i
4x burner
HP, Verbatim, TDK media +R & +RW
MPEG2 created with Vegas
NTSC template
Pioneer & Malata players
No problems except that once in awhile I have to burn with NERO instead of DVDA because DVDA gives problems with menus. I can't explain why.
farss wrote on 10/24/2003, 9:35 AM
this is a generous offer however from what I can deduce from what Sony are saying its not the DVDA - burner combination. Its other apps fro burning DVDs that over write DVDAs files and screw it up.

I'd think a list of no no apps, thier version numbers and the known problems they may cause would be really useful. Hopefully SOny will contribute what they know as well. After all most of also like to burn data as well as DVD-Video.
jeremyk wrote on 10/24/2003, 1:52 PM
make/model DVD burner: Pioneer A05
burn speed: 4x *
media brand used: Ritek G04, Pioneer
media type: DVD-R, DVD-RW
source: Vegas mpeg2, ac3
template used: DVD NTSC
DVD player: Sony DVP-NS300, Panasonic DVD-S35, others
problems (be brief): can't set the burn speed, though I have latest versions of DVDA and the drive firmware -- the disc always burns at the highest possible speed -- about 4.2x with the Ritek media. Even so, I've had no reports of unreadable discs.
MJhig wrote on 11/9/2003, 6:21 PM

Roxio Easy CD Creator 5
DVD Architect

Maxell DVD-RAM, no problems with Easy CD Creator's Direct CD
Maxell DVD+R, no problems authoring or data storage with Direct CD
Verbatim DVD-R, no problems authoring, 30+ disks
Memorex CD-R, no problems, 100's of disks
Memorex DVD-R 4x, three coasters in a row authoring with DVD-A so far and called it quits.

rebel44 wrote on 11/9/2003, 9:13 PM
TDK 440N 2X,4X
TDK media +R -R
Imported MPEG2,ripped DVD.
All works fine with DVD -R, but when using +R media have some playback problems. I found that lovering the writting speed to 2X make more compatible with most set top players.
readw wrote on 11/14/2003, 12:24 AM
Pioneer A06
TDK -R media
DVDA crashes shortly after starting to write the disk tried 1x and 2x. This model recorder is not supported by SF so they have rejected my support request.

Udi wrote on 11/14/2003, 3:13 AM
DVD burner - Sony DRU110
Speed - 2.4
Media - Memorex, Imation
Source - MPEG2 and AC3 rendered in Vegas
DVD Player - LG DP4941P

Problems - menu will not highlight in PAL normal mode.
menu file size too big, for still image BG.

Liam_Vegas wrote on 11/14/2003, 9:52 AM
Sony DRU-500A in an external ADS case with 2.0g firmware.

Media Used:
Burn at x4 speed on DVD-R with Ritek G04 Inkjet Printable Media. I have also used Optek x4 media (and it burned faster than the Ritek on x4 media with the 2.0f firmware)... but I found the inkjet surface resulted in a much fainter image than the Ritek version.

Templates Used:
Use DVDA MPEG NTSC template and AC3 audio, from source of DV NTSC video.

DVD Player compatability:
Works on various DVD players I have including Sharp DV-S1, various Toshiba DVD players (does not work well in my oldest Toshiba player (about 3 years old).

The only really weird thing I got recently was that I had burn failures on a large batch of disks (like 8 out of 20 that I burned all ended up being trashed).

At first I could not figure out what the issue was. I was thinking my drive was faulty or some software had messed something up. I noticed there was an updated firmware from Sony for the drive so I downloaded that (2.0g it actually improved the burn speed significantly on the Ritek disks)... but I still got bad burns on some disks.

I eventually realized what the problem was... and it was a pretty dumb.. self inflicted problem! After re-building my office area and shifting everything around I had placed my DVD-burner onto a shelf which was just below my DVD printer. When I was burning and printing at the same time the whole shelf was shaking... and this was messing up the burning process!! I fixed the problem by moving the printer!


Liam_Vegas wrote on 11/14/2003, 9:59 AM
Your Pioneer burner "is not supported" so SF rejected your support request? Wow! I find that hard to believe... Sony does not support issues with burning to one of the most popular brands of burners out there? (I have a Sony burner... but nevertheless I am shocked to here this).
BillyBoy wrote on 11/14/2003, 11:28 AM
Once I get a few more responses I'll put up the web page. <wink>
readw wrote on 11/14/2003, 10:56 PM
Believe it or not, here is a copy of the response;

Customer Service Response (Kimberly K) 11/10/2003 05:58 PM
Thank you for contacting Sony Pictures Digital.

I am sorry to inform you that the DVD drive that you are using, is not supported by DVD Architect. Here is a direct link to a list of DVD drives that are supported with DVD Architect:


If the information provided does not completely answer your question, please update your incident so I may further assist you.

Kimberly K.
Technical Support
Sony Pictures Digital
Software Division
1617 Sherman Ave.
Madison, WI 53704
jbar wrote on 11/15/2003, 9:26 PM
Sony DRU-500A

Memorex DVD+R 4x
Verbatim DVD-R 2x
Memorex DVD+RW 2.4x
Sony DVD+RW 2.4x

Most sources from Sony Digital8 DCR-TRV240 NTSC

DVD Architect NTSC Video

Apex AD1200 wouldn't play Memorex DVD+R burnt at 4x (haven't tried 2x yet)
craftech wrote on 11/17/2003, 7:13 AM
Pioneer 104 and 105

Fuji DVD-R (2x) made in Japan by Taiyo Yuden. Purple dye.
Verbatim DVD-R (2x) made in Japan. Purple dye.
Pioneer Brand DVD-R (2x) made in Japan. Purple dye
Memorex DVD-RW (1x) (part No. 3202 5520) made in Japan.
Pioneer DVD-RW (1x) made in Japan

Mpeg-2 generated with Vegas

DVD Architect NTSC Video Stream

DVD players for testing:
Panasonic DVD-RV32
Panasonic DVD-RV22
Toshiba SD-1600
Sanyo DVW-6000 DVD/VHS player

All aforementioned DVD-R and DVD-RW media play flawlessly in all but the Sanyo (which has a history of compatibility problems according to www.dvdrhelp.com). I write at (1x) almost always for better compatibility.
Note: DVD-RW not tested in the Toshiba (older model not designed to play DVD-RW).

Note: Have not had a single customer complaint with Fuji and Verbatim, but I only use media which was made in Japan. I generally favor the Fuji, but am unable to find it in a spindle (spindles are all made in Taiwan and are not the same).
DavidPJ wrote on 11/19/2003, 9:20 PM
I'm also shocked to hear Sony's response concering the Pioneer A06 burner. I haven't had any problems so far, but I've only burned DVD-RW s and CDs so far. Will try DVD-R shortly.

make/model DVD burner: Pioneer A06
burn speed (1X, 2.4X, etc.) 1X, 2X, 4X
media brand used (Sony, HP, Verbatium etc.) Verbatim, Maxell
media type (DVD +R, DVD-R DVD+RW etc.) DVD-RW, DVD-R
source (MPEG-2 generated in Vegas, AVI, etc.) MPEG-2 Vegas
template used (DVD NTSC, DVD PAL, etc.) DVD NTSC
DVD player: Pioneer 333, 343
problems (be brief)
None at all, Excellent burner.
nomadic wrote on 11/20/2003, 3:42 PM
make/model DVD burner/ msi dvd rw +/-
burn speed (1X, 2.4X,4x
media brand used memorex rw +
media type (DVD +R, DVD-R DVD+RW etc.)
source (MPEG-2 generated in Vegas, AVI, etc.)
template used (DVD NTSC, DVD PAL, etc.)vegas video ntsc
DVD player/ play station v7 model 39xxxx
no problems so far . burnt some band videos from hi 8 over to vegas added some audio files from nuendo-------12 minute video takes up 3.2gigs??????????????/what gives with that//////other than that the video plays on every home version ive tried phillips/sony/pioneer/jvc/---------so far
craftech wrote on 12/2/2003, 8:22 AM
I need to update my post above. With the last batch of DVDs I sent out I got a few back. Some were Verbatim and some were Fuji. All burned at 1x with DVDA and were 1 hr 43 min (longest I have attempted). The two DVD set of 50 plus minutes of the same video (the usual way I do it....not to exceed 1 hr) played flawlessly on all but the Sanyo I mentioned above. The single longer version had the problems.
I am asking for feedback from the people I sent them to in terms of the players they used. So far two customers have responded and both had SONY DVD players. Maybe I'll try another burniing program. The DVDs they returned played flawlessly on my Panasonic.

Note to BillyBoy: This survey may end up inaccurate because I don't think the responders are giving you enough information such as specific players, burning speed, specific identifier codes for the media (all brands have multiple media sources. I prefer the Japanese Fuji media made by Taiyo Yuden, but it is not used in their spindles. They use various Taiwanese media for that. And now I am having a compatibility issue even with that.
I'll post back when I get more information.
ccheaton wrote on 12/8/2003, 12:35 PM
For what it's worth:

DVDA does not support the Matshita DVD-RAM UJ-810 found on some Toshiba laptop computers.

The project builds but the program quits with an error that the drive is not properly communicating when it attempts to burn.
craftech wrote on 12/10/2003, 11:06 AM
I am curious. Would you post yours?
BillyBoy wrote on 12/10/2003, 1:18 PM
I'm using a HP 200i.

burn speed 2.4

Meida brands Fuji film, HP, Verbatium, Ritek

Source MPEG and AVI from Vegas

DVD Player Pioneer 333

Got to get the web site up soon in list form. ;-)
billybass wrote on 12/11/2003, 6:14 AM
Burner = AO5 , great performer, video and audio
Media = DVD Pro 4x, only brand ever used, never a coaster
media can be found at meritline.com
Burn speed = always 4x, don't know any better!
Assets = VV4.0d mpeg2 audio:pcm or AC3
Template = DVDA NTSC video stream and either wave or ac3 audio
Authoring = DVDA and Ulead movie factory
Burn = DVDA and Ulead movie factory
Projects have played on many players.
Problems = Players based on Sanyo engine not being able to get past menu 7 on Ulead movie factory discs
stabz wrote on 12/17/2003, 5:51 PM
Plextor PX-708A v1.03 burns coasters with DVDA
I'm using Maxell branded Ricoh 4x +R media which burns at 8x
2.4 and 8x are only options DVDA gives me
2.2gig MPEG-2 (from vegas)
Computer (same as above) and Panasonic F-61A
Only way to get working DVD is to use VOB files prepped by DVDA and then use Imgtool to make an image then burn with DVDDecryptor at 8x then it works fine in both players (same media). I'm incredibly unimpressed with the lack of burner support in DVDA, it's ridiculous that a program I'm charged no small amount of good money for doesnt do its job and I have to use FREE programs to make a DVD (A little backwards dont ya think!). Get with the program, it's time for an update Sony!