DVD Architech Build 84 problem with photos not displaying.

SteveNZ wrote on 12/15/2018, 3:37 AM

I upgraded to Sony Vegas Pro 16 Studio & had to reinstall DVD Architech Build 84. Incidentally, there does not seem to be any changes to the software. The problem occurred after I added my own photos to the BluRay opening page & scene selections. When I previewed my video, everything looked perfect - all four photos that I used were displayed. Then I rendered & burned the BluRay and one of the photos did not display in the Scene Selection. So I deleted the photo & added it back in again. The same thing happened. So I changed the photo and used another one. Again, after the burning, the same problem happened. Finally, I tried again using one of the background templates in the place of the missing photo. After burning yet another BluRay disc, 2 photos did not display. They were both photos that had displayed in the earlier burnings. So what on earth is going on? I really do not know what to do. Can someone shine some light on this very annoying & frustrating issue? Is a bug in the system? I even restarted DV Architech & completely redid the project hoping that may have made a difference, but it didn't.


EricLNZ wrote on 12/15/2018, 4:09 AM

What format are the photo files? (e.g. jpg, png etc)

SteveNZ wrote on 12/15/2018, 12:50 PM

All the photos used were jpgs & four of the five photos showed up in the completed BluRay. To make it more frustrating, It was when I did the last burning one of the photos that did show up previously and the background template I used did not. I wondered about the png format, but when the background template didn't work, I nearly pulled my hair out! Hope all this makes sense!

Steve Grisetti wrote on 12/16/2018, 8:03 AM

You can also try resizing any photos you're going to use in DVD Architect to no larger than 2500x1875 pixels in size (72 ppi).

DVD Architect can usually assimilate any photos you throw at it, but it's worth giving this a try. There's no value in loading massive photos into it, and they may over-challenge the program or your system.

SteveNZ wrote on 12/17/2018, 1:26 PM

Thank you for your replies. I managed to sort the problem. There were 3 photos from a Sony 7R3 camera that did not display on the BluRay, even though I resized them down to just a few MBs. One of them did display originally, but after burning subsequent discs it did not. I also used photos from my Sony RX111 camera & there were no issues with those photos, even though they were large files. So for some reason, DVD Architect does not like the Sony 7R3 photos. There was no issue using them when I created the video in Sony Vegas Pro 15 - just DVD Architect. Perhaps the developers need to look into this.

Steve Grisetti wrote on 12/18/2018, 7:04 AM

Not that the size of the photo file may or may not indicate the size (in pixels) of the photo. Using JPEG compression, you can squeeze a photo down to a pretty small file -- but that doesn't mean you've changed the file's actual resolution. So simply sizing the photos down to a few MBs doesn't necessarily mean that you've provided DVD Architect with a smaller photo.

You may be right that the program doesn't like photos from certain cameras, but I don't know why that would be. I'd still opt for changing the resolution of the photo before giving up.