dvd architect 5.2 can I insert video to cover up a mistake?

Jerry K wrote on 1/23/2019, 10:49 PM

I have vegas dvd architect 5.2. Just finished a talent show with 37 different acts. Show was shot in HD rendered out to SD mpeg2 with chapter points. Show was 1 hour 40 minutes and was rendered as one clip. All the DVDs have been made and delivered.

Here's the problem. One of the acts I need to fix a lower 3rd. Once I fix the lower 3rd in Sony Vegas 13 I want to render out that one act which is just under 3 minutes and then insert it into the timeline in dvd architect 5.2 and slide it down over the bad clip.

Will that work? If not is there another way without re rendering the entire show?

Thanks for any help Jerry.