DVD Architect Pro 6 menu problem

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/14/2020, 10:56 AM

I authored a Blu-ray disk that has a single long video file of a classical concert. The main disk menu has three buttons for entry points into the file, one for each section of the concert. That all works fine, and I've done this before. Here's the problem. When I press F9 in DVD Architect to preview the project, the menu comes up and it waits for me to click one of the buttons. But when I burn the disk and put it into my new Sony Blu-ray player, the concert begins playing immediately. I have to press Top Menu on the player's remote to get it to stop and show the main menu. What should I do to have the menu show initially, rather than just start playing the disk? For reference, my computer is a Dell running Windows 7 Professional, and everything else on this computer works perfectly including Vegas Professional. Thanks!


Steve Grisetti wrote on 10/14/2020, 1:57 PM

What do you have set as your disc starting point? Can you post a screen shot of your project's structure so we can see how it's structured?

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/14/2020, 2:23 PM

Thanks Steve. This is the main problem: I don't see how to set the menu as the starting point. I right-clicked on Menu (Page 1) and selected Set Start Item but that doesn't seem to do anything. And I can't see where to look to verify that's the start item. I author DVDs and Blu-rays only a few times a year, so maybe I forgot something? I never had this problem before. I don't see a way to attach images, so I put a screen-cap on my web site:


If this isn't what you need let me know.

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/14/2020, 2:42 PM

Ah, geez, I see it now. The little asterisk. I'll try again, and this will probably fix it. I need to render and burn again, so I'll be back tomorrow with confirmation.

Steve Grisetti wrote on 10/14/2020, 3:20 PM

The start point does seem to be in the right place on your screen cap. so it may just be an issue with your disc player. Sony disc players are notorious for not liking home-burned discs.

Do you get the same results when you load the disc into your computer and your BluRay player kicks in? Do you have access to a friend's BluRay player to see if his or hers gets the same result?

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/14/2020, 3:38 PM

I was messing around before I did that screen cap, before I knew to look for the little asterisk showing the disk entry point. In fact the project had the Start Item set to the wrong place. So I think I have it fixed now. It's rendering now, so I'll know for sure later tonight. I really love Vegas Pro and DVD Architect, but as an occasional user I sometimes get stymied with stuff like this!

Steve Grisetti wrote on 10/15/2020, 7:16 AM

Glad to hear you were able to fix it, EW.

Meantime, you should check out some of the excellent free tutorials available by clicking the link at the top of this page. Here's a link to part 1 of my 4 part Basic Training series for DVD Architect.

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/15/2020, 11:08 AM

Yes, I can confirm that my Blu-ray menu now works as intended. Thanks for your help. And I'll defiinitely check out your tutorials. I've been using Vegas and DVD-A for MANY years, since Vegas 4 I think. At my old age (72) it's more about forgetting stuff I used to know!

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/15/2020, 12:44 PM

Thanks again Steve. I just watched all four of your tutorials. Very well presented! And it was a good refresher for me. I make tutorials as well, though mostly for audio and music:

Steve Grisetti wrote on 10/15/2020, 7:39 PM

Glad things work for you now, Ethan. I checked out your tutorial too. Wow! That's a lot of information packed into one little video! But it's very well presented. Nice work!

Jack S wrote on 10/16/2020, 8:22 AM

@Ethan-Winer A point to note about DVDAS's preview function. Where it starts previewing depends upon what element is loaded onto the timeline. To get it to preview how it would play on a Blu-Ray player you should double click the start item (the one with the star) to load it onto the timeline, then click the preview button.

DougT wrote on 10/16/2020, 8:30 AM

Or Select PREVIEW DISK instead of PREVIEW CURRENT. (CTRL-F9 vs. F9)

Ethan-Winer wrote on 10/16/2020, 11:21 AM

Steve: Thanks, that Music Theory video is part 1 of 5. The series is pretty much everything I learned over two years in college.

Jack and Doug: Thanks, that helps. I totally missed Ctrl-F9 as a way to confirm how the disk will actually behave when loaded.

Thanks again guys, this has been very helpful and educational!