DVD Architect slowing down

Timothy-Pfannenstiel wrote on 12/13/2018, 9:20 AM

Needing help trying to understand why this is happening.

Recently purchased Vegas Movie Studio Suite 15. Have done a couple of hour plus videos and burned with DVD Architect with no issues. Now suddenly, After I edit and send video to DVD architect (and do what I need to do) it starts burning and once it gets up to 66% on the first progress line (making DVD) and 1% (of burning progress), it just seems to pause but keeps adding time to process...starting from 1 hour and now up to 29 hours. Total video is 3.5GB. The source video is from the same event and settings as videos I had no problems with earlier. Had this happen earlier....so I erased all project files, restarted computer, re-edited the video (not that complicated, a title, some music and 71 minutes of free running video- probably 4 edits), render it and sent to Architect within Movie Studio. Create the main menu page and that is it. Same issue as the first time I did it.

Laptop is new with no other software other than Vegas Movie Studio Suite 15, i7 processor and 8gb ram...with a SSD hard drive

Any ideas what is happening?


Former users wrote on 12/13/2018, 9:39 AM

Are you creating an MPEG2 DVD file and an audio file separately (AC3 or PCM) in Movie Studio?
Did it burn any data on the DVD or is this just during the prep?

Timothy-Pfannenstiel wrote on 12/13/2018, 9:46 AM

David, thanks for responding and helping with my issue yesterday. Sorry I keep coming back to the well.

Yes, it is an MPEg2 DVD file and the audio file is in the same folder (.ac3) in Movie Studio. It does burn data on the DVD but just seems to be about half of the video. When in DVD Architect and doing preview, it looks and acts exactly as I am expecting..I don't get any errors and it enters burning mode...Just keeps adding time. as I am watching it now, still @ 66% and 1% total but up to 42 hours. I believe I am doing the exact same process as I had done with previously successful DVD's from what is essentially the same original recording source. Tim


Former users wrote on 12/13/2018, 11:07 AM

Okay, most of us have abandoned DVDA to actually burn the disk. I create either a folder or an ISO and use IMGBURN to create the disk. Never have any problems this way. DVDA has always been flaky. If you want to stay with DVDA you might try playing with the Legacy burn settings (off or on).

Timothy-Pfannenstiel wrote on 12/15/2018, 7:45 AM

Just wanted to send an update on what I was experiencing...I was having problems where the "Making Disc" travel bar would hang @ 66% and the "Burning Disc" bar would stop @ 1%...just after making the disc intro. I had previously not had any problems making discs. Turns out is was simply a problem with discs. I had thrown out close to 15 discs after this problem arose. Dawned on me that the only thing that had occured in this particular editing session was that I had finished with one 100 disc stack of DVD-r blanks and opened another stack of blanks. So I tried another brand of blanks...and everything works. The original brand was Verbatim which I have almost exclusively used since I starting making DVD's back in 2000, both in production and in mass duplication and have probably used 20,000+ blanks with only assorted bad blanks in the mix intermittently...but not a whole stack. So essentially an easy resolution but something that took days for me to figure out. I am new to DVDA and so far happy with it...just glad that there was nothing wrong so far in my process of learning it. Posting this for other users that may search the forum with a similar issue arising.

Thanks to David Tu for taking the time to respond when this issue first arose. Appreciate the help from veteran users.