desertman wrote on 9/3/2004, 11:11 PM
I downloaded the trial version today and I was IMPRESED! I was able to set the background photo, menu photo, edit titles, edit menu title, etc. You can set music in secondary menus, move menu items around the page, select arrows, etc.

The trial version did not allow me to burn a DVD. It was enough to make me send off the money for the upgrade.

IanG wrote on 9/4/2004, 7:06 AM
Randy, how did you get into DVDA? The only way I can see is via "Burn to DVD", which is disabled in the trial version.

Ian G.
artone wrote on 9/5/2004, 2:50 AM
you have to download the DVD Architect Studio 2. and just open it.
damn it's really cool. got this music compilation thing and you can add your fav music and add videos with it.
IanG wrote on 9/5/2004, 6:28 AM
>you have to download the DVD Architect Studio 2. and just open it.

Can you post a link, please? I can't find it listed anywhere! The nearest I've got is a pdf describing DVD Architect 2 - not very helpful!

Ian G.
GerryLeacock wrote on 9/5/2004, 6:44 AM
Ian, looking for the link to the upgrade US$29.595 and NO shipping charges?
IanG wrote on 9/5/2004, 9:01 AM

Thanks, but that's not it. I've downloaded the V4 trial (apparently including DVDA Studio) but Randy seemed to be referring to a separate download.

Ian G.
artone wrote on 9/5/2004, 9:10 AM
sorry, my bad.
and select the DVD Architect Studio Demo
desertman wrote on 9/5/2004, 3:20 PM
NO, I just downloaded the trial version that would come with movie Studio. I am still impressed. As I said, it will not allow me to burn a DVD. It will let me set up all of the menus, music, etc. I ordered Movie Studio on the spot.

IanG wrote on 9/5/2004, 3:30 PM
>sorry, my bad.

No, I think it's just me, having a senior moment! Thanks for the link!!

Ian G.
artone wrote on 9/6/2004, 4:58 AM
No prob. enjoy!
took me a little time to find the 'first play' option.
so thought you might like to know that it's at the project properties - add introduction media. :-)
djcc wrote on 9/7/2004, 6:34 AM
Does this version allow custom chapter points?
bkthiess wrote on 9/7/2004, 8:12 AM
>>Does this version allow custom chapter points?

JodoKast wrote on 9/7/2004, 8:30 AM
Downloaded last night and all I can say is DAMN! I haven't played with it much, but I can tell already it just totally blows away everything else in it's price range! Can't wait to really get into it.
Travelog wrote on 9/7/2004, 10:28 AM
Best of all, if you set "markers" in the MS project, they become chapter points when you import the media into DVD Architect.

Incidentally, my downloaded upgrade did not include any documentation for DVD-A - but the product appears identical to DVD Architect v1.0 - and a full user manual is available here:
allyn wrote on 9/7/2004, 4:28 PM
does the chapter point feature work if you import an mpeg-2 file or only when it is still in avi form?
Chienworks wrote on 9/7/2004, 4:45 PM
I don't have this version of Movie Studio, but if you do an advanced render to MPEG look for an option to "save metadata with media file" (or something like that). This will save the markers with the MPEG file and they will be available in DVD Architect.
SonySCS wrote on 9/8/2004, 8:52 AM
DVD Arch Studio is not based on DVD Arch 1 -- it's DVD Arch 2 with less features. How could we allow you an instant upgrade of DVD AS 2 to full blown DVD Arch 2 if DVD AS 2? If it wasn't based on DVD Arch 2 then surely you'd need to download additional software.
The documentation in Vegas Movie Studio 4.0, the VMS 4 manual and DVD AS should be enough.

JodoKast wrote on 9/8/2004, 9:40 AM
One thing I have a question about. In my project, my source files were captured directly to MPEG-2, 720x480, VBR (6 MB\S avg., 8 MB\S max). The average file size I have is 1.25 Gig. When I choose File->Optimize DVD..., it shows the source files as about 2 Gig. My questions are:

1. Why are the files larger than what they were? I do have the recompress video box unchecked.

2. Does DVD-AS allow you to render using VBR? So far it seems only CBR is an option.

The reason I captured direclty to MPEG-2 was to save render times later when burning. This would be a real downer to find out that I've got to render them to get the size I need, when they should already be so. I've had no problems with this using Ulead, but their layout options suck. By the way, I am only using the demo right now, so I don't know it there are more options when you actually go to burn. Thanks!
Travelog wrote on 9/9/2004, 3:11 AM
Thank you Suzan - I stand corrected over the provenance of DVD Architect Studio. However there was NO documentation provided for DVD-A Studio with my downloaded upgrade (apart from online help) - and the product gets no more than a single-line mention in the VMS 4 manual!

Perhaps you are right, and this "should be enough", but, in the absence of specific downloadable documentation for this product, the manual for DVD Arch 1 appears to describe the "Studio" product closely, whereas the manual for DVD Arch 2 does not !!

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with the new product, and think the the $35 (including tax here in UK) upgrade represents good value. It would just be quicker to get up the learning curve if there was documentation with DVD Arch Studio comparable with the excellent manual for MS4...

bStro wrote on 9/9/2004, 7:22 AM
You're looking at it from a features point of view (ie, DVDA Studio has the same features as DVDA 1). Suzan is looking at it from a programming point of view (ie, DVDA Studio's code is based on the same code as DVDA 2). In the latter respect, I think she would know better than you, no? ;-)

bStro wrote on 9/9/2004, 7:30 AM
DVDA Architect (the version that comes with Vegas+DVD) has issues in estimating a project's correct size. Since DVDA Studio is based on the same code, I guess it must have the same problem. (I've never used Screenblast Movie Studio, so I don't know if its DVD authoring component had this problem.)

In short, your files aren't any larger than they were before, DVDA Studio just thinks they are. You should add up the sizes of your original files, compare this to the capacity of your disc, and give it a shot if you think it will fit. Give yourself some leeway for menus.

In regards to VBR, if it's like DVD Architect full version, you don't get the choice. (Actually, I've heard tell that it uses VBR, but I'm not convinced.) Anyhow, if you've already encoded to MPEG2, you don't want DVDA Studio to render at all. Just make sure that the Optimize window (do y'all have that in Studio?) reports that your files are already compliant, and you don't have to worry about bitrate anymore (for that project).

bkthiess wrote on 9/9/2004, 8:17 AM
Then it was serendipitous that they didn't have to change anything on the tables. :)