DVD Authoring

Musician wrote on 3/23/2008, 10:54 AM
I have really been enjoying learning C# and looking into the abilities of scripting. I can't believe that Sony is not shouting this functionality at the top of their lungs as an advantage to using Vegas over other NLE's, as there are few NLE's that can do this. I am doing a lot of highly repetitive work that scripting is making much easier. The one shortcoming that I have run into is DVD Architect. It does not offer scripting, and I don't believe that Encore does either. If someone knows of any scriptable DVD authoring programs that offer this functionality, I would love to hear about it. Thanks.


Musician wrote on 3/26/2008, 12:38 AM
Nobody??? Well, I guess I was just hoping. I have to turn out 1 or 2 DVDs a day and a scriptable DVD authoring program would be real time-saver for me. Let me know if you have any thoughts. Thanks.
JohnnyRoy wrote on 3/26/2008, 1:54 PM
I hate to say this, but if you don't need a lot of customizations for each DVD, you might look into a low-end consumer package like those from Ulead. With just a few clicks they turn out some pretty impressive DVD's with motion backgrounds and transitions between menus and lots of stuff that would take hours of planning and manipulation in a Pro tool. The downside is that you have to live within what they provide but it might suit your purpose.

Hank Scorpio wrote on 5/1/2008, 11:18 AM
You might want to look at DVD Lab. That does scripting.
Musician wrote on 5/2/2008, 2:27 PM
That's an interesting alternative. After reading the DVD Lab Pro Manual, it appears that they do not use .Net for scripting, but some altered and limited version of Basic which they call LabTalk. It seems to offer more functionality than what I currently have with DVD Architect with regards to scripting, but what would really help me out is some C#/Visual Basic/Java interface that would allow me to access information from a SQL database to pull out titles and variables that I could then use to quickly lay out a DVD, somewhat like a template, but much more involved. I do a lot of work for a University that utilizes a lot of media and needs to be able to make multiple DVD's per day for their classes, and a scriptable DVD authoring solution would allow me to spend more time shooting, editing, and organizing media than manually laying out multiple DVDs every day. I know that I am really hoping beyond hope, but does anyone know if Scenarist or Blu-print offer such a solution, or if any company does?