Jsnkc wrote on 10/28/2004, 1:17 PM
Ypu, they have been dropping pretty good for the last 6 months or so...I know earlier this year I was paying about $1 a disc and now I get them for about $.43 (Ritek) ...I just wonder where they will bottom out at.
skibumm101 wrote on 10/28/2004, 1:36 PM
nickle wrote on 10/28/2004, 1:48 PM lists taiyo yuden (Fuji) for 1.49 U.S each that would be about $2.25 Canadian each.
Finally Canadians are getting a break.

Why don't you come up here and get some dvds and get a flu shot at the same time?
p@mast3rs wrote on 10/28/2004, 2:11 PM
just go to and you can get them as low as $.30 a DVD.
Jsnkc wrote on 10/28/2004, 2:45 PM
$.30 is a little too low, I just took a look at the brands at that price...I've never heard of HQ or Great AZO, Tried Prodisc and they were absolutely terrible. I'll stick with's true, you get what you pay for :)
goshep wrote on 10/28/2004, 3:30 PM
I've used (and still use) HQ CDs and they are dirt cheap. The failure rate is about 10%. That's a drop-in-the-bucket for personal use CDs but for DVDs being used comercially, I'd call that a disaster. I second the opinion that some DVDs are TOO cheap. In North America there is a clearance chain called Big Lots. They have huge lots of Memorex in the large cases, 3 for $3.99. I have a thing for DVD cases and binders but alas, I digress.
riredale wrote on 10/29/2004, 7:33 AM
Any time I can get Ritek G04 blanks for about $.35 or the G05 (8x) blanks for $.45, I can't see the reason to get any other brand.

Back in the "Good Old Days" (i.e. about two years ago) you were looking at getting a premium blank (Apple) for $5 each! Then it made sense to buy GQ for everyday use, and swallow the high error rates. But now we have the luxury of premium blanks at throwaway prices.

Two years from now we'll be talking about how dual-layer blanks used to be $12 each, and shake our heads in amazement...
scissorfighter wrote on 10/29/2004, 2:00 PM
I remember buying a box of 10 Ampex blank CD-Rs in about 1996 for $12 each. What are they now, $0.12 each? Too bad automobiles don't follow the same trend.
nickle wrote on 10/29/2004, 2:19 PM
I remember paying $1.50 each for 31/2 inch floppy disks.

BUT update on my DVD purchases:
I bought the Fuji's for 19.95 for 25 and brought them home and burned a DVD. My Toshiba has some kind of mechanism that if it recognizes sub par media it only burns at 1x. Well it burned the Fuji at 1X. When I checked the fine print, it was made in Taiwan instead of Japan! So I took them back.

The local computer store had Ritek's on sale for $33. for 50. So naturally I grabbed them and they always burn at 4x.

Thje interesting thing is that Ritek's are made in Taiwan and China

So buyer beware.