DVD Studio Pro users...HELP!

dhill wrote on 8/9/2002, 10:11 PM
I'm in dvd studio pro hell! I rendered separate vid/audio files by using the dvd video stream template listed under mpeg2. I transfered the audio to aiff and they converted it to ac3 and that works fine. For the vid, I clicked on custom (mpeg2/separate video stream) and changed the vbr setting to 6,500,00 for max, 5,500,000 for ave, and 196,000 for min to keep the file within standard dvd limits.

I am getting a really bad stuttering/jumpy result in spots when we play the m2v file on an ntsc monitor from the Mac hard drive and from the dvd they made me. It looks great on the computer monitor though. They said I have an interlacing problem, but here's where I'm confused. I did a test with a friend, who has dvdit, months ago where we used mpeg2's, created from the same avi files that I'm using to make the m2v's, and imported them into dvdit and made a test dvd and it played great on my tv. There was no jumpiness at all. So, why would the m2v files have interlacing problems, but not the mpeg2's that I made? Should I try deinterlacing the m2v's? I'm using lower field first for the field order and all the other stock settings with the exception of the vbr that they asked me to change. We had the same problem with the stock vbr settings. Thoughts?

I have VV3c, p3 1 ghz with 512 ram, win 2000.

They have dual proc. Mac with OS 9.2.2 with DVD Studio Pro version 1.1 with no updates instauled if that helps.


zstevek wrote on 8/9/2002, 10:20 PM
I am by no means an expert in this area but I know that the lower vbr limit setting for MY DVD (made by sonic who also makes DVDit) is 2,000,000 bps.

Maybe try bumping up your lower vbr setting??

Good luck.
pelvis wrote on 8/9/2002, 10:45 PM
It is possible that DVDSP thinks the m2v file is upper field first, when in fact it is lower field first (the Vegas default). You might try rendering as upper and then reburn. I personally know 2 people authoring Mpegs in Vegas for DVDSP titles and they haven't run into this, but I think it is worth a shot.
mfranco wrote on 8/12/2002, 5:29 AM
The problem may be with QuickTime. We use DVDSP on a B&W G3 (9.2.2) for files created from vegas and premiere on pc's. Worked great for months then DVDSP started to report various "file corrupt" or "file type incorrect" errors. After checking everything we reinstalled quicktime 5 pro and the problem was solved. I've since discovered that the Apple installer will overwrite files without checking version numbers and I think that a quicktime init was compromised. Also I've seen it reported that QuickTime 6 is not compatible with 9.2.2. What vesion of Quicktime do you use?

You can check it out at:

Good Luck