Emergent wrote on 3/18/2001, 10:07 AM
I just noticed that ULEAD (http://www.ulead.com/) has a DVD/VCD/SVCD Plug-in for
their product that can burn video directly to a disc from within their video editing program (like ACID
Music can do for audio CDs). SF, can you please release such an animal for
VideoFactory? We need this functionality. Thanks. --RFE


patrickm wrote on 3/18/2001, 11:12 AM
Another thing we could really use is a new MPEG plugin based
on the new LSX 3.5 for some better quality renders. Not to
mention ACTUAL SVCD compliance...
metabo wrote on 3/20/2001, 12:58 AM
This really is a must...the bulk of Video factory users are
making videos for family consumption. Who wants to stand
around the computer to watch the movie you just made when
there's a perfectly good tv and dvd player with chairs and
a 27 inch screen in the in the living room. We need this.
I really don't have time to go chasing around the web
looking for clues on how torture video factory into putting
out an svcd. Don't let Ulead eat your lunch. I had
VideoStudio prior to buying VF and pray I don't have to go
back to THAT infernal interface to get the job done.
jazz wrote on 4/1/2001, 9:47 PM
I agree..need the VCD capability
cainley wrote on 4/10/2001, 10:24 PM
I just purchased the product last weekend. Love the
editing tool. Problem is now I am locked out of my output
function to an analog tape device. Plus the current Plugin
does not function with any of the DVD players at work or
home(other then my Power DVD) With no way to distribute
the video it won't matter how well the product is if I
can't get it out of the editing system. They want feed
back well here it is.