Easy way to manage effect presets? Any Super-Duper-Top-Secret Tips?

RedRob-CandlelightProdctns wrote on 5/9/2022, 4:46 PM

Anyone know of some super-duper-secret undocumented tip to manage presets on effects?

For example, I have perhaps 50 presets for "Brightness and Contrast" that have accumulated over the years.

  • There's no quick way to jump to just one preset that I use most-often in the VideoFX window, right? (short of adding it to Plug-In Manager and having a custom folder for frequently-used presets)
  • Can't mark presets as "favorites", only effect groups
  • Can't change the view to list-view, only the square boxes (except after adding to an event/track/media and then we get the list view
  • I'd like to delete all the ones I don't use anymore, but in the GUI when I highlight a preset in the VideoFX window, the <DEL> key does nothing, and there's no right-mouse context menu to manage or delete.

Only way I see is to add the effect to an event, select one I want to delete then "X" to "Delete preset"... and repeat.. for each one.

So oh-power-users... tell me there's some super-duper-secret trick for this I don't know?


Yelandkeil wrote on 5/9/2022, 5:06 PM

In system folder "Document" you find every subfolder e.g. for OFX-presets, there you can delete your settings as you like.

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RedRob-CandlelightProdctns wrote on 5/9/2022, 5:18 PM


Where might you find that system folder? Not under c:\windows\system32

Under the Program Files folder for Vegas I see a folder called "OFX Video Plug-Ins", but that contains a bunch of XML files that definitely aren't what you're talking about.


Former user wrote on 5/9/2022, 6:36 PM

@RedRob-CandlelightProdctns Hi, try C:\Users\yourname\OneDrive\Documents\OFX Presets