Echo + NT ... blah

pramos wrote on 2/21/2000, 9:03 PM
Well, for the Echo-heads here (myself included), Echo has
released some beta NT drivers ... which suck.

They don't seem to simultaneously play-and-record ... in Vegas and Cool Edit (so I'm thinking it's universal). Anyways, I've come up with a solution to my WinNT needs (very temporary, I hope). I finally purchased Vegas (woohoo!). I'm wondering if I have to format my system, could I use the same .REG file, or will I have to resend stuff? Just curious. So here's what I did (this is after my annoyance w/the Gina's drivers) ... I took my SB Live and installed it in NT. Instead of using the analog-ins on the Live, I plugged my mixer into my MD, which in-turn goes digital-out into my optical->RCA S/PDIF converter, which is connected to the Live's little S/PDIF card. I set NT to use the S/PDIF for input and analog for output and things seem to be working fine. I figure, until Echo comes out with a decent (read: working) NT driver this'll work. I also figure that my MD's connects are better than the Live, but if you guys know better, please tell me. Once Echo comes out w/new drivers (*or* Gadgetlabs comes out with NT driers for the 424 -- which I plan to move to anyways), I'll be able to kick this ghetto-setup in the toe. Anyways, Vegas + NT + duals works nice. :) I was running a nice bus-effect of C1/S1/L1 and I wasn't even hitting 10% CPU during normal playback (two tracks only, though). I do have a question .. where'd the cool CPU usage meter go? I have to use NT's task-manager to see the CPU usage (I see it in the box screenshot, but not on my screen). Anyone else missing the CPU meter, or is it gone in the 1.0b release? Just curious. :) ~Pete!


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