editing query

aussiemick wrote on 5/2/2002, 7:37 AM
What I want to do is edit some blurred frames out of a video clip. I have had a go at it, but I seem to not have it right as the edited bits show up again.If someone could just go through the procedure step by step to edit clips I could get the idea of how it works in video factory 2. I am used to DV Suites method and have not quite understood the way VF2 works.


laz wrote on 5/2/2002, 7:47 AM
What works for me is click before section in event, hold and drag to end of bit I want cut and hit delete. You can also select event, put line at place of entry, split event, go to end of place in event you want out, split event, select edited piece and hit delete, then butt up events. You'll soon get used to this and I've used 2 other Suites. This is the best.
Grazie wrote on 5/2/2002, 8:45 AM

I also use the following:

1. Postion the editing/cursor line roughly at the point where things are going pearshaped.

2. Use the the "Left" <- or "Right" -> arrow keys to move forwards and backwards around the area under question. You can view this happening within the Preview window.

3. Establish the "Start" of the piece for removal hold down the shift key [this will "hold" the begining of the scan] and if you are going forwards depress the "Right" -> key. You should see the area on the timeline begin to grow, as being the area you wish to delete.

4. When you have got to the "out" postion [ie the point you think the offending piece ends] got to the cut icon and Voila - you should have it!

Even if you make a mistake you can always undo.

Yes, this was a piece I stumbled across from plaing around a bit. VF is the Canine's Rear Appendages - but don't 'alf coy to make visable its virtues!

And yes, I've used VW5/3 and Studio7 - I have at last found this SW to be far more responsive and allows more intuitive work to follow on... which I suppose is what it is all about.


johnmeyer wrote on 5/2/2002, 1:28 PM
The one vital idea that is difficult to intially master when learning VF (or Vegas) is the idea that you can either select events (the blocks of video on the video track, and audio on the audio track); OR you can select sections of time by holding down the left mouse button and moving the mouse in the area directly above the timeline (you can also press and hold either shift key while pressing either the right or left arrow). The result you get when you press the DEL key to delete your blurred frames depends on whether you have selected events, a range of time, or a combination of both.

Editing is covered in the manual, and is especially well-documented in the Vegas manual (which operates for the most part in the identical manner). You can download the Vegas manual and take a look.
aussiemick wrote on 5/2/2002, 5:09 PM
Thanks for that advise.VF2 is a much more usable software than any of the others I have used (no nasty surprises),and this forum is outstanding. It is like having special tuition. Thanks again.
Grazie wrote on 5/2/2002, 5:32 PM

You're welcome! Happy trails....