Editing the same file on two different systems - annoyance

Weevil wrote on 6/10/2003, 7:11 PM
Several times now I’ve begun a project on one system, burnt the files, copied them onto another computer and continued recording.

When you begin recording on the second machine Vegas does not prompt you to relocate the Project Recorded files folder. And rather than automatically keeping any newly recorded files together in the same directory with the rest of the project, Vegas deposits them in the default directory (wherever that may be). Without even realising it you end up with files all over the place.


Cold wrote on 6/10/2003, 10:25 PM
Actually, I believe it does when you first open the project on a new computer. Vegas says it can't find the record folder and will use the vegas folder. If you create the same folder architecture in both systems, or reset the record folder as soon as you see this message...Made this mistake a few times myself, but have hopefully learned my lesson.
Steve S
Weevil wrote on 6/11/2003, 6:46 PM
It doesn’t give me the 'can't find the record folder' message at all (though I’m sure it used to). It loads the files without any apparent problem whatsoever. But it changes the recording path without you knowing...Like I said this is pretty annoying.

All it needs to do is prompt you for the path again and all would be cool.
drbam wrote on 6/12/2003, 9:49 AM
Are you opening a .veg project or just wav files? Vegas has *always* prompted me about this when opening a Veg project on different systems (I've tried it on 2 other systems in addition to my primary DAW - 3 systems total).

Weevil wrote on 6/13/2003, 8:57 PM
It definitely isn’t giving me any sort of warning or prompt. Been shuffling full .veg projects between 3 different systems all week. Just did it again this morning to treble check.