Editing tip

Randy Hayes wrote on 6/15/2009, 8:36 PM
I've worked with Vegas since 2001, but just came to realize a handy feature. When drag-scrolling the timeline (from the ruler area) to scan your waveforms, the closer you are to the horizontal plane containing the ruler area, the slower it will scroll. Alternately, the further down the screen your move the mouse, the faster the scrolling will occur. I had noticed that it would get away from me at times, and then just realized why. The intuitive notion was that the further you got on the X axis from the edge of the waveform display on the timeline, the faster it would scroll; but this is not the case. Cool feature. One of zillions. Others I like are hitting 0 on the number pad to quickly select 2 seconds in/out points (duration can be set in preferences, and hitting the decimal key in the number pad to center the timeline on the current cursor position. I could go on and on. Vegas rules!


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