EDL Convert v4 released

axel wrote on 5/3/2004, 7:28 PM
Hi all,

we would like to inform the users of this forum that we have just released
the new EDL Convert v4:

EDL Convert v4 now supports Pro Tools sessions files...

What is EDL Convert?
Simply speaking - We convert one DAW session format to the other: now you can take your Vegas EDL and translate it to a Pro Tools session and
vice versa....

New Features in EDL Convert v4.0.7 include:

New Formats Support
- Pro Tools
- Adobe Audition
- Tascam BU Format
- CMX, Grassvalley

VideoTrack Support
- Conversion and transfer of one video file per EDL is supported.

Enhanced Audio Formats
- AVI audio
- Dummy Files
- 32bit IEEE Float and 32bit linear PCM support
- Sound Designer II

Audio Matrix
- Free choice of the target format for referenced audio files.

Here's the complete format list
- Adobe Audition
- AES31
- CMX3600 (*)
- Cool Edit Pro
- Discreet edit
- Grassvalley EDL (*)
- OpenTL
- Pro Tools 5.0
- Sadie
- Samplitude / Sequoia
- SAWpro
- SAWstudio
- Sonic Studio
- Tascam BU Format
- Vegas
- Wavelab
(*) import

If you want to find out more about the new EDL Convert v4, please visit our
web site:



PipelineAudio wrote on 5/3/2004, 11:31 PM
why no sonar?
jpasarela wrote on 5/4/2004, 6:55 AM
You can export/import OMFI in Sonar.
SonyEPM wrote on 5/5/2004, 6:22 PM
For those who need a way to move Vegas projects to/fro PT, you should definitely check this out- there's a demo version you can test with, the price is very reasonable, they've been very good about bug fixes and support... I applaud these guys for offering a tool to solve a VERY nettlesome problem. Way to go Alex!
Geoff_Wood wrote on 5/6/2004, 4:53 PM
I wouldn't call the price reasonable in terms of functionality and programming effort, especially in comparison the the price of a full DAW system llike Vegas and many plugins.

If it was significantly less expensive, I would buy it to have around should the necessity arise to use it. At ~US$250 I would only consider purchasing it if there was a very significant pressing reason, and no alternative....