Effective Audio Noise Reduction in VP19

D_Choice wrote on 6/13/2022, 7:33 PM

I've been a Vegas/Sound Forge user since the turn of the century +/-, upgrading Vegas to the latest every couple of years (still loved SF9).

Had a large video project come in and just bought the Vegas Post package.  Our first shoot was last Friday (with 2 Canon C100's) and there was a noticeable 118hz A/C rumble in the room.  

Typically, I would open that audio track from VP19 with the "Audio Editor" set to SF9 and use the NR in there, but it won't open it--too outdated, likely.  Opening it in SF AS 15 is useless since there is NO noise reduction in there (??? - this boggles my mind). I'm surprised the RX8 plug-ins show in VP19 but not SF15?

So, I downloaded the SF Audio Lab 4 demo and the included iZotope Voice DeNoiser worked beautifully on short clips, but the longer 20-30 minute clips either crash the program or end up an octave lower... not sure what's going on there.

Since the demo Izotope Elements plug-ins are also showing in Premiere (which I barely know) I gave it a try and it cleaned the clips without a hitch.  I just don't want to have to keep bouncing back and forth, exporting and re-importing those cleaned audio tracks.

I did add the VST directory to VP19 and tried the Voice DeNoise plug-in there, but it was super sluggy and nowhere near the results or as instant as in Premiere. I plan to buy the iZotope Elements pack, either directly, or via Audio Lab 4 if I think AL4 will work properly.

MY QUESTION:  Is anyone having success utilizing VP19 with the iZotope plug-ins, or audio track exporting long audio files into Audio Lab 4?  I can't believe how much time I have wasted trying to establish a solid, quick, de-noising protocol... there will be hundreds of clips over the next month that may very well have this same BG noise.

Have read about every forum post on noise reduction I could find and no real solutions jumping out at me yet.

Thanks, in advance for any input!

EDIT: It looks like I can upgrade to SF 16 Pro, which comes with the RX8 Elements. I did successfully open a VP19 audio track in AS15 (though opening a COPY resulted in the octave down thing). Thinking that is my best bet... do the SF upgrade and get the Elements plug-ins along with it.

2ND EDIT, HOURS LATER: I did go ahead and purchase SF 16 with the iZotope pack(s). Selecting "Open Copy in Audio Editor" results in the octave down audio once it appears in SF. "Open in Audio Editor" (non-copy) does not. Okay, I can live with that. Oddly enough, though, RX8 Voice DeNoise isn't dialing out the A/C nearly as well as it does in Premiere, and believe me, I'm no lover of that convoluted program! I'll keep working with it and praying that I can find a flow within the Magix engines to get the job done efficiently. No answer as to why there's a different noise cleansing between the two programs, same plug-in. ?


System:  XPS17, i9, 64GB ram, RTX 3060.


rraud wrote on 6/14/2022, 10:25 AM

In RX Elements, using the manual 'noise print' mode can work better than the auto (adaptive) mode. Select a half second or so of just the extraneous noise you wish to attenuate (between sentences for instance). Open RX Voice De-noise and disable the 'Adaptive' mode, Then click Learn and activate 'Preview', which will capture the 'noise print'. Re-select the entire file and execute the process with the amount of noise reduction you desire. It it is excessive, artifacts will be audible. In that case, two lighter passes with less NR) are often better than one with a lot of NR recapturing the noise-print for the second pass.
The RX Elements de- hum notch filter can further help attenuate ground-loop type noise (typically a 50 or 60 Hz hum). If all else fails, look to RX Advanced or SpectraLayers Pro. SLP is included in the Sound Forge Pro 16 Suite. .. iZ's RX Advanced is pricey.

rraud, Magix Sound Forge forums moderator

D_Choice wrote on 6/14/2022, 11:14 AM

Thanks for that reply, and the tips. I've made a bit of progress using the plug-in chain in SF (Vocal DeNoise + Parametric EQ), which cleans it up pretty well. Also a good tip on using two lighter passes... had not thought of that and will experiment. For this particular segment I have all of the audio cleaned now and can concentrate on editing.

I do still have the issue of the audio pitch dropping way down when opening a Copy from the timeline. Shrug.