Endless Loop Holiday DVD

Kimberly wrote on 11/9/2010, 7:31 AM
Hello Everyone:

I've been thinking about making an Endless Loop DVD that shows 5-10 minutes of generic winter or holiday stuff (Snow, Christmas Lights, Fireplace Burning, etc.) and plays 5 hours of different music. Then I would put this on as background music for my holiday parties and the video would lend to the atmosphere without actually being something that guests would watch.

I can visualize how to make the endless loop on the Video piece. That seems pretty easy.

And I can visualize how to insert hours and hours of music.

But how do I make the music play continuously along with the endless play on the video without inserting the video a zillion times. I don't think we can get more than a couple of hours play on a DVD, and I don't want the music to repeat until I've played all 5 hours.

Any suggestions?




bStro wrote on 11/9/2010, 8:05 AM
You cannot make a DVD that will loop video and accompanying audio at different times (meaning, have the video loop but the music continue). The alternatives I can think of are:

a) Exactly what you said, insert the video "a zillion times" (probably just 20 or so)
b) Find more video
c) Do them separately -- have a DVD with the video that loops and a separate CD, DVD, or MP3 player for the music.

Keep in mind that if you do A or B, you would need to use a low bitrate for the video in order to fit as well as "hours and hours" of music on a DVD. Which means you won't want to use a video with a lot of fast motion (hint: a fireplace video would probably look awful ;). For a five hour DVD, you'd need to encode the video at around 1.8Mb/sec. Honestly, I'm not even sure DVDA will go that low.

If you have a separate device you can play the music on, I'd go with option C. Then just leave the DVD silent or mute whatever you play it on.


Kimberly wrote on 11/9/2010, 6:02 PM
Option C does sound like the best idea!

I was kinda thinkng it wasn't possible but needed confirmation. Thanks.