Equalizer and level adjustment for multichannel out while editing

marcel-gielen wrote on 12/20/2022, 2:48 PM

When I am editing 5.1 I like to have separate equalizers for front/rear/center and level adjustments as well. (Only for the output while editing, it should not affect the rendered video)

I use a surround receiver as monitor amp with an external DAC (ESI Gigaport HD), which is connected to 7.1ch input. Unfortunately as most receivers the 7.1ch analog input does not support room correction.

One option would be to insert equalizers into the analog chain, but it seems odd, since software can do it fairly easy.

Does anyone has a suggestion for a multichannel software based EQ which can be inserted between Vegas and the DAC ?
Or does Vegas has an option to adjust the audio outputs used for monitoring, which I am not aware of ?

Any suggestions are welcome.