Erase CD : strange behavior

Djipy wrote on 11/30/2002, 7:45 AM
When I try to erase a CD with FULL mode, the process runs for about 1 minute and stops.
It's strange because the same operation with EasyCD Creator runs for 37 minutes, normal running time for a 74-minutes CD at double speed.

However, I've tried to burn a CD with CDA 5 and it works without any problem.

Is there a problem with erase in CDA 5 ?


CD-Writer HP 7500e (external, parallel port)


ibliss wrote on 11/30/2002, 7:06 PM
My guess would be that Full=whole disc as opposed to erasing the last session on a multisession disc.

The Full option would be a full quick-erase, which takes about a minute in Nero.

I may well be wrong though....

Mike K
Djipy wrote on 12/1/2002, 2:51 AM
Thanks Mike.
So, 1 minute would be enough for a full erase in CDA 5 ? In this case, is it the same erase "quality" as EasyCD ?
Could SoFo technical support confirm ?
Djipy wrote on 12/3/2002, 1:09 PM
In fact, the full erase process runs for about 10 seconds.
The countdown begins at 2:20 and, when the progress bar reaches 5%, it suddenly displays 100% and stops. The light on the CD-writer goes on flashing for a while (about 30 seconds).

Is that normal, knowing that a full erase in EasyCD takes about 37 minutes at double speed ?
Then, what's the difference between a quick erase and a full erase in CDA, if the elapsed times are the same ?

An answer, an idea, anyone ? SoFo team ?

SonyDennis wrote on 12/3/2002, 5:04 PM
We're not sure how this slipped by internal and external testing, but our drive engineer confirms that this is a bug; full erase is acting the same as quick erase. I'm not sure what the schedule is for a 5.0a release, but when one is done, this will be fixed there.

Thanks for pointing it out.