DJPadre wrote on 8/5/2009, 7:19 AM
yeah the fileOsurrogate is also a good one... kill it and vegas dies...
ReneH wrote on 8/5/2009, 4:24 PM
Seriously, I can't seem to resolve these two glitches in Vegas:

1. The ErrorReportingLauncher - had to rename the error launcher to keep it from starting

2. The FileSurrogate error - had to add the ";" to another file as suggested in the knowledge base, to keep it from loading.

What else do I need to do to get Vegas to run properly? I mean when I load a veg it reads only 30%, the clips do load but the file eventually gets corrupted after several attempts at opening it again.
Tom Pauncz wrote on 8/5/2009, 5:41 PM
Try this ...

Go to x:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 9.0 and run "PRSConfig.exe".

You'll see a dialog. It will be set to “Full”. Change it to “Compatible”, then try running Vegas Pro 9.0a again.

This is courtesy of SONY CS.

ReneH wrote on 8/5/2009, 6:45 PM

did that many times, doesn't seem to help. Thanks, I think I'm rolling back to version 8. I think 9 is not yet ready for primetime...regretably.