Everybody is entitled to their opinion...

pwppch wrote on 5/30/2000, 3:25 PM
I have been getting a lot of personal requests to delete
Irvin's posts from the forums or to just ban him

Sorry guys, this we can't do.

This is an open forum and unless Irvin violates something
in the Terms aggreement or posts illegal information, we
will just let him say what he wants.

Any user may request that any message be removed. I have
reviewed all of what Irvin has posted, and with a few
exceptions, he is expressing his opinion. How he express it
may be the real point here, but it is still his opinion.

The best advise I can offer all those that are offended or
bothered by Irvin is to ignore him. If you don't respond to
him, he might go away, though I doubt it. He honestly
believes he is providing a service to other users here.
Please don't let him keep you from participating in the

He is wrong in regards to what Vegas Pro 1.0 and the Vega
Video beta can or cannot do. I have not bothered responding
to him as it would do no good at all. I usually hate
misinformation, but in this case I don't need to point it

I will never respond to Irvin's posts directly. Not worth
my time. Even if it was a real question, he burned his
bridges with me already. He had a chance to be heard, but
he blew that chance (at least with me) by behaving like an
ass. I lurk around here to help, not defend.

We hope that with Vegas Video/Audio that you will see we
are listening to your requests. We missed some, but we
believe that we added some new audio features that are very
cool and powerful. The Video features rock.

Thanks to all that have supported us against all the Irvins
on this forum - he is not unique. Personally I find Irvin's
posts a hoot. Every board needs a Irvin just so that we can
keep things in perspective. He doesn't threaten me or the
Foundry in anyway.

On a more promissing note:
We will be moving to a news group server shortly, so the
best advise I can make is to set up a filter on any users
posts that you know you don't want to be bothered with.



User-3156 wrote on 5/30/2000, 8:15 PM

Peter Haller wrote:
>>I have been getting a lot of personal requests to delete
>>Irvin's posts from the forums or to just ban him
>>Sorry guys, this we can't do.

Why am I so important?
Why so many people "offended" by my questions?
Remember:YOU DON'T HAVE TO LIKE ME!!! You just have to like
yourselves (and some of your friends...)