Export Path doesnt remember its location?

alifftudm95 wrote on 9/23/2020, 5:42 AM

My style of editing is to dump all exported videos into 1 special folder called "rendered", regardless what project.

But I got 2 client video project that need to be edited back & forth, so I just export it via the project location. But when it come back to my personal project, the export path were set to previous path of the client project. Does VEGAS able to save its export path base on the VEG file?

Premiere Pro able to set its export path on its own project, and it wont interfering with another pproj file. Or am I missing something?



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Dexcon wrote on 9/23/2020, 5:53 AM

My experience is that the Render As process always defaults to the previously used folder for render export. But if you have used a number of folder destinations, you should easily be able to get a choice of folder destination by clicking on the down arrow on the RH side of the Folder field - it should show the previously used folder destinations.

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