Export tracks to mp3

RikTheRik wrote on 11/19/2002, 2:56 PM
Is there any possible way to export tracks mastered in CD Architect in mp3 or any format (I use the Sofo PCA format for archiving too) ?
I didn't find any possibility to export one track... I tried the wav export but the wav doesn't contain any marker nor region so it makes the process challenging.
I wonder why there is no "render as" function as in Vegas.


CDM wrote on 11/19/2002, 3:12 PM
unfortunately, no. You have to create regions from your tracks by double-clicking within each one and hitting the R key on your keyboard. Then save as an image file (.wav only, also unfortunately). Then you will be able to see regions in programs such as forge and vegas.
Geoff_Wood wrote on 11/19/2002, 4:19 PM
> SonicErik asked:
>I wonder why there is no "render as" function as in Vegas.

Mute the other tracks, Tools | Render To New Track, select MP3 or PCA or whatever.

As you have alluded yourself, it's really a function of the source app, not CDA5

RikTheRik wrote on 11/20/2002, 6:27 AM
Thanks alot !! I didn't knew about the region feature in CDA.
The regions work fine in SF6 but not in Vegas.
SonyDennis wrote on 11/20/2002, 7:52 AM
They are visible in the Trimmer in Vegas.