Exporting or converting projects to reaper

LarryP wrote on 5/8/2016, 8:33 PM
I have about 100 projects, going back to V2A days, that I did with a talented composer/performer friend who uses reaper on a Mac.

Anyone have any suggestions about conversion tools or export possibilities? A less that complete conversion is OK but it would be nice to convert: source files, cuts, takes and volume envelopes. Bonus would be normalization, mute, and at least a list of plugins. Reaper, BTW, uses the same projects files on Mac or Windows.

I can code something up if needed but that's not my first choice.

Thanks. Larry


rraud wrote on 5/9/2016, 9:02 AM
I'm not that familiar with Reaper, except Jason loosely based it on Vegas and AFAIK, early versions could open .veg project files.
You could try re-saving your .veg files as ' text' project files, which Reaper will open, though I don't know how many of the parameters are included aside from the timeline.
I believe AATranslator can convert .veg files to a Reaper friendly format. www.aatranslator.com.au
The Reaper discussion group could be a resource as well. http://forum.cockos.com
stromer wrote on 7/13/2016, 4:38 PM
I played around with this the other day and found that if you save it to a .TXT file Vegas will open up the audio project from Reaper and vice versa, it saved the cuts but I'm not sure about the rest. I also found if your editing a movie in Vegas, i could save the project as .txt, then bring it into Reaper, and do the score with the video file :-)