db wrote on 1/19/2001, 1:43 PM
>>my digital camera. You know, to get rid of that video
>>look, so it doesn't look so clean.

you might try the HSL adjust and add noise filters.

>>times I change the template settings in the 'render as'
>>windows to 'no fields', I still end up with 2 fields and
>>the end product looks like video. It's smooth, sounds
>>great, but I just can't get rid of that field.

not sure of the look/feel you want ? is it tha animated

to get rid of fields ?? might try choosing the
uncompressed template ... tnen custom ... VIDEO try one of
the other video formats ? different frame rate 24fps?
15fps ? progressive scan ??

render it out then re-render that file back to a DV
template so you can send back to dv camera/deck

Samuel Cassidy wrote:
>>I've edited a short film on vegas video 2.0 using DV
>>footage and it all looks fantastic from a quality point
>>view but I had it in the back of my head that it was a
>>fairly simple matter to remove a field just before I
>>finally rendered the film out prior to dumping it back
But no matter how many

>>help please?